ServiceMax and GoFormz are Disrupting the Field Service Industry

In today’s data driven digital world, it is shocking to note that most companies still use paper forms to capture information. This process is fraught with error and inefficiencies – capturing data on paper forms often means a slow process of recording, transferring and digitizing form data.  With many people and manual systems involved, this process is vulnerable to a wide range of errors.  It also does not provide an easy way to aggregate the data, to analyze trends nor identify problems and opportunities in the field. This is why GoFormz was founded, to make it easy for every individual, team, and business to eliminate paper based processes.

GoFormz will turn any paper form into a “smart” mobile form that looks just like the original document. The GoFormz solution is intuitive and powerful. Not only do the mobile forms look exactly like your original paper forms, they also have added intelligence to speed up data entry, calculations and to include new types of field data such as GPS and photos.

One of the biggest mobile workforces is field service professionals, and much of their daily process in the field is still paper based. This is one of the many reasons why field service professionals love us - they no longer have to carry around paper forms with clipboards, they now have iPads and tablet devices with mobile forms that are an exact replica of their paper forms.  The information they collect on their mobile forms is automatically saved into our structured, cloud-based platform and can be seamlessly integrated into the ServiceMax solution.  Critical data such as the Work Order number and dispatch notes can be pre-populated on the form, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.  When the mobile form is completed, specified data is automatically updated in ServiceMax, enabling immediate and actionable workflow based on information collected in the field.  Customers can run ad hoc and scheduled reports as well as deep analytics on detailed form data within the GoFormz platform.  Additionally, with this seamless integration, customers have the ability to include key form data in their overall ServiceMax reports and dashboards.  

The partnership between ServiceMax and GoFormz offers one of the most cutting edge software advantages for field operations: digital forms. We, at GoFormz, compliment the great things that ServiceMax does by allowing an organization to easily and intuitively eliminate their paper-based workflows. This doesn’t just apply to departments focused on field service—the ROI of eliminating paper workflows extends throughout the customer’s organization.

Together, we can take ServiceMax’s industry-leading field service automation technology and marry that with the simplicity GoFormz brings to eliminating paper-based field processes and deliver a powerful and intuitive business solution for every field service organization.

To learn more about how GoFormz and ServiceMax work together, please visit our partner page.

- Jeff Fildey, 

CEO GoFormz