Mobile forms allow you to capture new types of data like GPS and photos

Switching from paper to mobile forms has many benefits, including the ability to capture new types of data within your form. With paper forms, you have to manually lookup and enter data like time, date and GPS.  And there is no easy way to accompany pictures with paper forms.

Because you fill out mobile forms on devices like iPads, you can include new types of data that are readily available from the device. You can automatically populate the time, date, and GPS into your forms, and easily add photos you take with your mobile device camera.

We have many customers that use GoFormz not only to turn their paper forms into mobile forms, but also to make their forms more complete and accurate with these new data types.  For example, a contractor performing an initial appraisal and estimate on a jobsite can automatically record the date, time and exact location when using his mobile form. He can also use the camera on his tablet to capture images of the specific areas where work needs to be done.  He can sketch over the images to highlight details and provide useful annotations.

These new data types available in mobile forms save time, reduce error, and provide the ability to capture richer information.