Five Reasons to go Paperless

Going paperless can seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help. Going paperless can revitalize your business, increase productivity and improve workflow, all while enhancing your company’s professional image. Need more proof? Here are five reasons to go paperless with GoFormz today:


i.         Access- Don’t let paperforms tie you to your desk. Capture data electronically and complete forms on the go, even in remote areas. Once online, your completed forms are automatically sent and all data is synchronized. All the data, without the clutter.

ii.        Speed- With the ability to copy from previous forms, enforce conditional logic and auto-calculated fields, nothing can slow you down. Keep your team moving at the speed of business with alerts and real-time access to the most up-to-date information, with smart mobile forms.

iii.       Accuracy- We all make mistakes- but with smart mobile forms, you don’t have to. With smart fields, auto-calculations & workflow rules, ensure that employees are completing tasks in the correct order. Don’t rely on paperwork scrawl ever again, get the right data, in the right order, every time when you go digital.

iv.      Collaboration- Teamwork makes the dream work...most of the time. Avoid stepping on each other’s toes with field-level workflow rules within forms on the same job, without overriding each other’s work.

v.       Progress Without Disruption- Upload your paper forms to create an identical mobile form. Exactly the same, only smarter- with the ability to include contextual information that paper can’t handle, like photos, geocoding and maps. All of the perks of going mobile, without disrupting your process.


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