The Employee Evaluation Form

Data Improvement Score: Medium

Cost Savings Score: Medium High

Time Savings Score: Very High

In addition to deploying mobile forms in the field, many of our customers use GoFormz to address their administrative needs. One of the more popular administrative mobile forms is: The Employee Evaluation Form.

Creating, conducting and filing employee evaluations can be laborious and time consuming. Instrumenting them as mobile forms streamlines the process across these stages and ensures that the forms are securely stored and easily archived. Creating the template is easy – just choose the performance parameters that are being evaluated and the rest is an easy setup. A simple 1 thru 5 rating scale and a notes section for each parameter makes the form and the process easy, efficient and thorough. The mobile form calculates the employee’s total score and upon being signed off by the reviewer/evaluator it is automatically stored in a secure database. No need to worry about filing any more paper, nor time­-wasting searches for old evaluations.