Earth Day Infographic: GoFormz Saves 1,800 Trees by Helping the World go Paperless

Happy Earth Day 2016!

GoFormz helps customers around the world to go paperless, empowering them to replace their paper forms with mobile forms.  Mobile forms provide better and more accurate data than paper forms, streamline and modernize businesses’ day to day workflows, and provide access to real time reports and insights.  Just as important as all of these benefits are to companies, GoFormz helps the world by reducing paper waste.  

Using our platform, the GoFormz community of partners and customers have processed 15,639,534 forms through our system.  That’s 16,639,534 sheets of paper that weren’t used for business forms.

According to Tom Soder’s study, reported in Claudia Thompson’s book Recycled Papers: The Essential Guide, a single tree provides about 8,333 sheets of paper.  Dividing that number into 15,639,534 forms shows that we have saved over 1,876 trees!

To provide perspective, that is roughly 7% of the trees in New York’s Central Park.

Happy Earth Day everyone and let’s try and double this number for next year!