Design Update and Improvements Coming to GoFormz

Exciting news from GoFormz --- Next month (June) when you login to your account, you will see an updated look and feel. We are constructing this new design in an effort to create a better user experience for our customers and make our tools more modern and intuitive. 

We're incorporating many of our customers' feedback and design best practices to create this new experience. Rest assured, structurally the interface remains mostly the same so there will be a familiarity to the new design (so you can easily find your way around). For a sneak peek of what is coming, read below.

Welcome page

Why: More clarity around getting started and helping our users create their first form more easily. We want to construct a more parallel understanding on how the web platform and the mobile applications work together.

Forms Page

Why: To make the forms page more activity-related and to lay the groundwork for future functionality. More advanced filtering, search and time ranges are rolling out too.

Templates Page

Why:  Building a consistent look and navigational paradigm.  Template-level controls will be revealed on the individual template row, on hover.

Template Editor

Why: Our focus here is to make adding fields in your templates more intuitive. We are also revisiting the organization of the various settings, actions and properties that can be edited while creating templates. Additionally, we're redesigning the List View for mobile devices to be more clear for the user. 

We hope you enjoy the new design. If you’d like early access to the beta version please email