Improve Teamwork and Collaboration with GoFormz

Automation is key to increasing efficiency in the modern business world. One of the most valuable features you can leverage from GoFormz is the ability to easily instrument workflows and triggers. This enables your employees and teams to be more efficient. For example, when a field tech completes a mobile form it automatically emails copies for approval, signature and record keeping to the rest of the team. You can also use mobile forms in more advanced workflows with your other business systems when actionable data is entered. This helps provide your employees with access to the most recent data collected.

By improving your workflow, your team will now be collaborating more efficiently, your employees will feel more empowered to make agile business decisions (because the information they need is at hand thanks to the speedy workflow) and your company will have more transparency throughout. 


GoFormz Workflow Benefits: 

Make efficient use of employee time

Prevent delays in crucial work activities

Enforce business processes automatically