New Web Experience + New Features

Next week we’ll be rolling out a redesigned look and feel for our web platform. We’re doing this not only to freshen up our look, but also to lay the foundation for many new features to come in 2016. Don’t worry, no features are being removed, in fact, there are a few new features and improvements rolling out.

New Form Editor

A simple but significant usability improvement we are adding is how you view multiple pages while editing your forms. Previously you had to click to view subsequent pages. Now all pages of your form are available as you scroll through. Additionally, renaming, duplicating and editing forms is simpler, and the form status is visible in the Form Editor.

Forms Listview Improvements

The Forms Listview now has additional date and time context as well as time range filtering. When clicking the filter icon, filters are now in their own separate panel for you to choose how you would like to filter the forms in your listview. We will be releasing many more attributes to filter-by this year.

For Power Users

You can now trigger a search with the “/” key, and toggle your Filter panel open with the “F” key.

We hope you are as thrilled about these changes as we are. If you would like to try the new web experience early, you can login to the beta now to check it out. There will be a feedback button at the top of the new interface, so feel free to use it to let us know your thoughts.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us at