Make Agile Business Decisions with Real Time Data

When you use paper forms, submitting and processing forms often takes up a lot of time.

It often takes a few days for an office to even receive a form. If a field technician only goes into the office once a week the paperwork he is turning in may be very out of date. Once forms are turned in, the administrative team has to then process and manually input all the data into their systems - this takes time as well. When the data is finally entered and available for review by managers, it is likely weeks or months old. 

GoFormz in The Office

With GoFormz Mobile Forms, mobile form data is submitted as soon as a form is completed.  A field technician presses [Save] and the form data is automatically available for review by administrators and managers in the office. It can also be automatically emailed to individuals. This real time data not only helps companies improve workflow efficiencies, but also gives them insights into industry trends and what is currently going on in the field. With real time data, companies can adjust and make decisions in real time.

With this immediate availability of form data, you can run reports to see trends as they are happening. GoFormz offers a reporting tool that companies use to view fresh data collected from the field. Not only can they run reports on the forms themselves but also the meta data within the form.                                                                                              

For example, if you are in charge of ordering devices for your company, you may want to review all of the most recent service records and run reports on them to see which devices are in the most demand. With GoFormz, you can run the report on specific data points that were entered into each form, allowing you to order the appropriate devices to meet current needs, and prepare for future trends.                                                                      

GoFormz not only reduces the time it takes to submit and process forms, but it also allows you to view current data from the field, in real time. Fresh data from the field means you can make agile business decisions, providing efficiencies in your operations and competitive advantages in your strategies.