3 Benefits of Our PlanGrid Integration

The GoFormz and PlanGrid integration significantly simplifies construction form storage, data capture and project management. Via Automated Workflows and embedded form logic, the GoFormz and PlanGrid integration presents users with a fully automated means of enhancing their data quality, while simultaneously improving efficiencies and organization. Here are three exciting benefits of implementing the GoFormz and PlanGrid integration:

Instantly store digital forms
Leveraging the GoFormz and PlanGrid integration, completed mobile forms can be instantly stored in corresponding PlanGrid projects. For example, if you were to complete a work order for a customer, the completed form could then be automatically saved to that customer’s PlanGrid projects. This Automated Workflow results in more complete, organized, and timely project records.

Increase PlanGrid project data quality and accuracy
With GoFormz, your mobile forms can be further enhanced via logic and approval workflows, used to enforce business rules and data capture needs. These features not only encourage more complete data capture, but also drastically improve the accuracy of collected information. For example, if Automatic Calculations can be used to ensure calculations provided to customers are always complete. Similarly, Dynamic Field Properties, like Required fields, can be applied to Signature fields, to guarantee the collection of critical approvals prior to form submission. Equipping your mobile forms with simple logic ensures that data routed to PlanGrid records is highly accurate and complete.

Collect new data types
Finally, GoFormz mobile forms can host a variety of new data types, like Images, Sketches, Signatures, GPS, and Barcode data. Allowing users to capture contextual data straight from their mobile devices accelerates form completion, increases job site transparency, and further enriches PlanGrid projects.

To learn more about using the PlanGrid integration, contact your account manager. While you’re here, be sure to check out our free eBook, The Top 7 Use Cases for Construction Mobile Forms.