3 Benefits of Our Salesforce Integration

Connect your mobile forms to your other critical business systems. Our integration with Salesforce empowers teams to effortlessly streamline their data capture, processing, and record-keeping, resulting in incredible benefits:

Richer, more accurate Salesforce data
Using GoFormz mobile forms as a front end to your Salesforce data capture results in more thorough, precise Salesforce records. Leveraging new data types, mobile forms can easily capture contextual data, like Images and Sketches, and include them in Salesforce records. Via conditional logic, Dynamic Field Properties, and Automatic Calculations, data is pre-processed and sanitized prior to form submission – resulting in more accurate data uploaded to Salesforce.

Accelerated form completion and increased accountability
Mobile forms pre-filled with Salesforce data can be instantly dispatched to teams in the field. With pre-populated forms, documents are not only completed more efficiently, but also more accurately. By automating form and account actions, Salesforce events can help to increase form filler accountability and consistency.

Standardized, centralized documentation
Digitizing your forms and processes results in standardized, professional documents. By connecting GoFormz with Salesforce, your standardized documents can be easily centralized, increasing accessibility and reducing administrative overhead.

To learn more about our integration with Salesforce, check out this blog post or contact GoFormz Professional Services to discuss how the integration can help your business.