3 Mobile Forms for Human Resources

From employee on-boarding to performance management, Human Resource teams manage a variety of critical tasks which directly impact an operation’s personnel. These responsibilities are often hindered by the presence of cumbersome, overwhelming paperwork. Paper forms, which take an outrageous amount of time to complete, collect, review and process, result in detrimental delays and frequent human error.

With the introduction and advancement of digital tools, Human Resource departments have managed to work more efficiently. Among the more powerful digital tools leveraged by HR departments are mobile forms. Digital versions of HR forms empower users to complete forms on their mobile devices (like phones, tablets and computers) and instantly submit them for review and processing. Because forms can be completed, shared and processed in real-time, Human Resource teams can work more efficiently and respond to personnel needs faster.

Ready to optimize your HR workflow? Here are three mobile forms to consider implementing today:

Simplify payroll processing and shift management with digital Timesheets. GoFormz mobile Timesheet Templates make it easy, fast and efficient to digitally track and approve employee hours, in real-time. Rather than waiting on staff members to manually record and submit their timesheets, timesheet data can be instantly routed from submitted forms to integrated systems and HR teams.

Digital Timesheets also make it far easier for HR teams to track and manage overtime hours. Using Dynamic Field Properties, which manipulate the look and behavior of fields based on entered data, your digital Timesheets can highlight input overtime and alert relevant HR personnel.

PTO Requests
Simplify PTO scheduling with digital Paid Time Off Request forms. With digital PTO Request forms, employees can easily submit and route their desired time off to supervisors and HR. Leveraging digital Signature capture, approvals can be seamlessly input and recorded for future reference. With automated Tagging, submitted PTO Request forms can be labeled with an employee or department name, for simplified recall and improved organization.

Employee Evaluations
GoFormz makes it easy for HR teams to improve performance management, track employee progress and share performance reviews with the digital Employee Evaluation form. Digitally record performance review details from your mobile device and instantly route completed Employee Evaluation forms to supervisors, employees and more. Digital Employee Evaluations can also host customizable grading scales (e.g. Likert scales) to better track individual performance and progress.

Looking for more ways to better manage your staff? Check out how GoFormz can help your team collaborate seamlessly with set-and-forget automations.