4 Ways GoFormz Improves Your AEC Workflow

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC) thrives on digital innovation and evolving means of collaboration. At GoFormz, we feel the same way. 

AEC teams can benefit from GoFormz productivity tools. 

As an industry dependent on the coexistence and cooperation of separate entities (i.e. Architects, Construction Teams, Engineers, etc.), there is no room for cumbersome and time consuming processes (like those confined to paper). That’s where GoFormz comes into play –– explore 4 ways GoFormz will transform your AEC data and workflows:

  1. Streamline collaborative efforts.
    Working as a team can be frustrating... and working with several teams can be downright impossible. GoFormz eliminates collaborative frustration by streamlining cohesive efforts through cooperative features (like Automatic Routing and form sharing). The best part? Teammates can work within the same document without fear of overwrites, redundancies or miscommunication. 
  2. Ensure quality.
    Paper-based data is vulnerable data.  Guarantee the quality and safety of your data with pre-populated fields and Cloud storage. Pre-populate fields with accurate AEC data collections (i.e. Architect information, Construction data, etc.), and securely store your documents in the Cloud (safe from extraneous elements like coffee stains or bad weather). 
  3. Improve decision making. 
    Accomplish business agility and make meaningful, real-time decisions with instantaneous data, Automated Routing and Reporting. No longer wait on manual hand-ins, delayed data or slow reporting –– with GoFormz, make timely decisions regarding your project’s design, construction and more.
  4. Simplify compliance. 
    Using simple logic, field level rules and other Dynamic Field Properties, ensure form fields vital to compliance efforts are completed prior to submission. No need to retrospectively correct or collect data.