Case Study: Arixio

Industry: Technology - IT Services

Customer Since: February 2016

Forms: Contractor Agreements • Quotes • Custom Construction Forms


Challenge: Needed a mobile forms solution that could capture multiple signatures on a single document (regardless of order or time) and could automate form storage and distribution.

Solution: Implemented the GoFormz Platform, which gives a form the capability to capture as many signatures as needed for it to be completed, and utilized the integration to automatically save all forms to the Cloud.


  • Made it easy for multiple teammates to access a single document, complete their portions, and provide their signatures without any disruptions to project workflows
  • Increased efficiency by instantly saving all forms to their account upon form completion and removed the need for teammates to physically hand in forms
  • Avoided the need for any new training, because GoFormz could digitally transform existing forms
“I cannot stress enough the importance of the multitouch signature capability, I had searched high and low for this and you were the only vendor!”
— Matt Whips, President, Arixio