Case Study: Dobbs Heating and Air

dobbs heating and air

Industry: HVAC

Customer Since: July 2016

Forms: Invoice Forms, Timesheet Forms, Audit Forms, HVAC Forms


Dobbs Heating and Air, Inc. has provided their professional services in the Metro Atlanta area since 2008. Built on The Dobbs Difference, the company vows to be honest, dependable and reliable while providing the best HVAC products and services at reasonable market prices.

Challenge: Dobbs sought to eliminate the need for expensive paper-based invoice books, which were often filled with illegible handwriting. 

Solution: Implemented GoFormz, which made it easy to digitize current invoice forms and ultimately replaced the pricey invoice books. 


  • Saved money by completing unlimited amounts of invoice forms on their iPads (while eliminating paper invoice form books)
  • Increased form processing times by removing the need to decipher technician handwriting
  • Enabled the company to instantly change forms when necessary