Case Study: Northeast Rural Services

Sought to eliminate the time-consuming use of “paper and pen” reporting by field teams. The company wanted to adopt a more modern and efficient digital mobile forms solution that would allow information from crews to be received by supervisors on a daily basis instead of weekly.

Converted all of the company’s field reports from paper to digital forms, using GoFormz. After immediately experiencing positive results, they quickly converted the rest of their paper documents into mobile forms, eliminating paper waste across the company while digitizing their operations.


  • Increased form processing times for supervisors, allowing them to better manage their team’s time
  • Increased data accuracy through the implementation of Auto Calculation fields that perform crucial mathematical equations on specific forms
  • Improved visibility into work completed by remote teams –– no longer needing to wait until end of week updates
  • Achieved a completely paperless overhaul throughout the company, eliminating paper waste and gaining digital efficiencies
  • Reduction of errors in submitted forms


  • Tree Trim Reports
  • Herbicide Spray Reports
  • Timesheets