Customer Success Story: NQCranes

About NQCranes
NQCranes is “Australia’s largest independently owned overhead crane service business, and one of Queensland’s largest overhead crane manufacturers.” Specializing in the manufacturing and servicing of lifting gear, the NQCranes team strives to provide excellent service and stellar customer support.

Left: An NQCranes overhead crane, Right: NQCranes using mobile form on iPad
The ability to have forms flow through the organization, with no data loss and be automatically uploaded is excellent.
— Stephen Goodson, IT Systems Administrator, NQCranes

NQCranes struggled with an inefficient form collection and processing workflow. With hundreds of forms that needed to be completed daily from remote sites, NQCranes personnel were burdened with hand-delivery and the manual rekeying of collected information. These obstacles to efficiency were not only time consuming, but also incredibly costly.

After test-driving various options, the NQCranes team digitized and thoroughly customized their forms with GoFormz. Leveraging dynamic, digital features, forms can now be completed in the field more rapidly and thoroughly, leading to significant efficiency improvements. Additionally, Automated Workflows and seamless integrations to other digital platforms allow for the real-time distribution and application of collected data (no rekeying required).


  • 40+ administrative hours saved per week

  • 50% reduction of time spent completing field technician paperwork

  • Forms completed more thoroughly, accurately and are no longer lost

  • Client-facing forms are more professional

  • Automations allow back-office personnel to better monitor field team progress

  • Capture more detailed and complete data through new data types like Images

  • Increased flexibility allows for equipment specific forms versus a ‘one fits all’ approach

To learn more about NQCranes’ digital transformation read the full case study here.