Customer Story: Wellspring Therapy

I needed something that could be done at the time of service right on a tablet or phone. So that’s why I came to GoFormz – you have mobile capabilities, and you have the security and encryption that we need.
— Thembi DePass, Founder and CEO

About Wellspring Therapy
Providing a broad collection of educational services (from tutoring and after school programs to speech and occupational therapy) Wellspring Therapy plays a critical role in the community. The admirable Maryland-based organization works to ensure that students within their community can reach their full potential, through customized care and community partnerships. Thembi DePass, the Founder and CEO of Wellspring, explained, “Wellspring Therapy exists to fill the holes in a child’s typical educational experience.”

Patient Records
Daily Documents
Goal Tracking

Wellspring Therapy was struggling to manage their collection of cumbersome paper forms. It was difficult to keep patient documents organized and confidential, a priority for their practice.

With mobile forms and digital data capture, Wellspring Therapy has streamlined the secure collection and storage of patient data – saving time and improving billing.


  • Mobile accessibility has allowed the Wellspring Therapy team to efficiently serve patients, while lowering expenses and ensuring confidentiality.

  • Mobile capabilities allow for constant, secure access to patient records

  • Efficiency features and easy to use forms streamline workflows, saving time

  • Improved billing and GoFormz cost savings (budget friendly) help prioritize Wellspring’s bottom line

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