Using "Database Fields" (Data Sources)

Use data sources to quickly and accurately fill a corresponding field.

Using “Database Fields” in GoFormz makes data entry unbelievably easy and accurate, by pulling information from structured Data Sources. What do “Database Fields” help accomplish? Check it out:

What can Database Fields do for my business? 
Database Fields refer to fields that pull information from data already stored within your GoFormz account, or within connected GoFormz integrations (either through our API, or Zapier). Data pulled from your data source collection can be used to Auto-Populate form fields or to Filter data presented to a user. 

Auto-populated fields will instantly fill with accurate data as soon as another field has been completed. For example, if a field service technician were to enter their name within a form field, the Phone and Email fields would then fill with corresponding information stored within a Data Source. This means data is presented within a structured manner, encouraging data accuracy. 

Filtered Data presents users with a limited selection (or list) of field entry options based on information entered into another field. For example, if the aforementioned technician entered their business into a field, corresponding fields can then present a limited list of multiple options (perfect for inventory!). 

What are Data Sources?
Data Sources are made up of Records (database table rows) and Fields (the table columns) –– a dynamic that simplifies data capture and improves information accuracy. These Records and Fields (together acting as a Data Source) are then referenced by specific form fields. 

Two other important elements of Data Sources are Key Fields and Indexing. Think of Key Fields as your Data Source’s finger print (no two can be the same) and Indexing as your data filter. These components are what make Auto-Populating and Filtering data possible.

Check out the ProTip on how to easily setup Data Sources for your forms.