Spotlight Feature: The Drop Down

add a drop down field to your goformz template

It’s no secret, Drop Downs make selecting data options and completing fields so much simpler. Adding Drop Downs to your GoFormz template is simple, and empowers your team to more efficiently enter data and complete forms. Check out how simple adding Drop Downs is here:

Step One: Adding Your Drop Down
Open your the template editor, and navigate to the [Add New Fields] area. Drag your Drop Down field to your desired location within the Template.

Step Two: Formatting Your Drop Down
Click on the Drop Down field to open the Field Properties section (this will appear on the right side of your Template Editor window), to edit the Drop Down formatting (e.g. size, font, background color, etc.). 

drop down values 

Step Three: Adding Your Options
Within the Field Properties section, click on [Select Items], then click on the [...] button, to set your Drop Down options. Click the [Add] button and enter your desired value (e.g. a technician’s name, specific warehouse, department, etc.). 

Test your drop down, and voila! Data entry simplified.

Drop Downs allow admins to provide a plethora of options for form users to choose from, without cluttering the template or risking human error. By providing a specific set of choices, form creators can easily enforce data accuracy, while expediting form completion.

Extra Credit: Save Drop Down choices to use elsewhere in your form! 
Extra Extra Credit: Include a “write in” option within your Drop Down to allow for additional entries.