From the Egnyte Blog: Why Every Construction Business Should Be Using Mobile Forms

Digital documents and data have helped thousands of construction businesses streamline their processes and optimize their record-keeping. Many of these teams have leveraged the GoFormz-Egnyte integration to not only capture and store data faster, but also simplify form retrieval and encourage organization. With this integration, GoFormz users can instantly save their forms to Egnyte and even have forms stored in specific folders based on input field data. For example, a completed Work Order form could be automatically uploaded to a ‘Work Order’ folder in Egnyte.

So how can the GoFormz-Egnyte integration empower construction field teams? With mobile versions of their existing forms, field teams can complete and submit their documents from any location, and immediately store them in Egnyte. This reduces time spent delivering, reviewing and filing forms, while simultaneously optimizing your team’s efficiency, professionalism and accuracy.

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