FAQ: How do I add Charts to my Reports?

Isolated data is wasted data. To fully leverage data collected via your mobile forms, developing insightful Reports is key. So, how can you best display and explain project data? A great place to start is Charts. Acting as a contextual resource, Charts display your data in a more organized, easy-to-digest manner.

To add a Chart to your Report, you must have at least one Summary Column. To add a Chart to your Report, simply complete the following:

  • Open your Report in the Report Editor.
  • Click the Add Chart button (top right, under the ‘Save’ button)
Click 'Add Chart'
  • Once the Chart Designer opens, select the type of Chart you would like to add (i.e. Bar, Pie, etc.)
  • Select the columns you would like included in your Chart (you will see checkboxes for each Summary Column)
  • Add labels to your X and Y axis
  • If you choose to, add minimum and maximum range fields (i.e. minimum is 0)
  • Click 'Apply', and view your preview
  • Select ‘OK’ to exit the Chart Designer
  • To edit your Chart, simply select ‘Edit Chart’ (located next to the ‘Add Chart’ option).

If you do not have access to Reports, you may not have the correct permissions. Contact your account owner to enable your Report permissions.