GoFormz: A Healthcare Necessity

healthcare forms and medical forms

When it comes to healthcare and medical services, balancing both efficient patient care and paperwork can feel like an endless tug of war. Why struggle? With GoFormz, harness a plethora of secure features to deliver healthcare service you can be proud of... while improving efficiencies. Explore the digital features you can utilize with mobile forms:

Build robust data sources:
With GoFormz, efficiently accessing patient data within your medical forms is easier than ever. Leveraging Data Sources, your forms can use information selected from Drop Downs to pull from a collection of within your account. Once you’ve implemented Data Sources within your account, information can be used to auto-fill fields and filter options. 

Utilizing Data Sources empowers your staff to quickly fill fields with accurate, pre-existing patient data — eliminating the need to rekey repetitive, existing data (saving you and your patient time). 

Share, with peace of mind:
Healthcare documents rarely require only one set of eyes. Easily share completed forms with patients, medical professionals, insurance representatives, and other contributors. Email completed copies of your form to key-players, as soon as your document is finished (even automatically!) ensuring data is routed to the people that need it, as soon as possible.

Everything you need, at your fingertips:
Sick of binders, paper clips and miscellaneous documents cluttering your space? Digitizing your forms and documents frees up space and centralizes your record keeping, improving access to patient data. Forms are kept in secure, Cloud based storage, allowing your team to access the data they need, anywhere, at anytime. (Check out how one customer centralized their documents, when they used GoFormz to digitize, access and complete patient records.)

Expedite data collection, without sacrificing accuracy:
Harnessing GoFormz’ collection of features, your mobile forms can efficiently gather data while remaining accurate. Using features like Automatic Calculations and Required fields, enforce input accuracy without sacrificing efficiency within your workflow.