GoFormz Starter Guide

Learn the ins and outs of the GoFormz platform with these ProTips.

GoFormz is the easiest and fastest way to digitize your forms and administrative processing. If you’re new to GoFormz, explore the collection of resources below  to better acquaint yourself with the platform:

1. In addition to creating an account on our website, be sure to download our app so you can fill out forms on your phones and tablets.

2. Watch this quick overview on our mobile forms platform.

3. Visit our Platform Overview page, or watch 'Creating and Using Your First Mobile Formfor more detailed information.

4. Get started creating your first Form Template so you can start filling out your digital forms today.

5. Explore a few of our best handy ProTips for getting started:

ProTips to get you started.

[VIDEO] Creating Your First Form Template
Your digital transformation starts with your first Form Template. Follow these simple steps to create your first Form Template. See How

How to Add Fields To Your Form Templates
Adding fields to your form templates is as easy as ‘drag-and-drop’. Watch this quick video to learn just how quickly you can augment your templates with versatile fields. See ProTip

[VIDEO] Filling Out Forms on The GoFormz App
Using the GoFormz app empowers your team to work wherever, whenever. Check out the simple steps to take your forms mobile. Read More

Streamline data entry and processing with the GoFormz mobile app

Add Signatures to Your Mobile Forms
Enable your forms to capture signatures seamlessly, just follow these three simple steps. See ProTip

Add Pictures to Your Mobile Forms
Pictures replace a thousand words — empower your mobile forms to speak volumes with visual fields. See ProTip

3 Automatic Formulas You Should Know
Automating calculations saves you time and helps avoid human error. Here are three, easy-to-master formulas you can implement in your forms today. See ProTip

Add Date Fields For Your Mobile Forms
Using your mobile device to fill out forms makes recording dates (and times) fast and precise by using our Date Fields, which leverage calendars and date pickers. See ProTip 

Looking for more help getting started? Head over to our Support Portal for all things onboarding