4 Ways GoFormz Can Transform Your Classroom

mobile forms make school administration easier.

Teachers, professors and school administrators have enough on their plates — here are 4 ways GoFormz will lighten their workload, so they can focus on their pupils, not paperwork:

1. Record and monitor student progress: 
As students grow within the classroom, thoroughly (and easily) document their progress with shareable reporting and customizable metrics. Upon graduation, easily and quickly share relevant student documents with additional institutions (like high schools, universities, etc.) — no snail mail necessary.

Customizable metrics allow for the thorough and accommodating  documentation of each individual’s growth. Using Checkboxes, Likert Scales and Text Fields, identify areas for growth, significant strengths and noteworthy 

2. Easily and securely share student documents:
With GoFormz, share Progress Reports, Registration Forms, Applications and more straight from your device or desktop. With Cloud storage and secure file sharing, send student records to institutions, parents and administrators, without jeopardizing confidential data — making applications, progress reporting and school administration easier, while ensuring peace of mind. 

3. Centralized record keeping. 
Free your data from file cabinets. With Cloud storage, real-time data and instant access to submitted forms, there’s no need for tangible storage or manual deliveries. Everything you need is available, searchable, and available for integration with your other business apps. 

4. Visual fields for context.
School work is more than just standardized testing. Document project Images, Sketches, Diagrams and more within your forms, to better capture your pupils’ work. Visual fields are especially helpful when reporting classroom progress or concerns, along with school applications.