How mobile forms drive digital transformation

When striving for operational excellence, it is vital to prioritize the processing efficiency of collected field data. Collecting data in the field using digital documents has helped thousands of companies avoid the costly inefficiencies of manual data processing. Streamlining data entry with mobile forms empowers your team to:

  • Expedite data processing (saving you time and money)
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Rapidly share field data
  • Present a more professional image to clients.

Completing paper documents in the field requires time spent hand delivering completed forms, as well as time spent re-keying information into your critical business systems. This time adds up quickly, costing you valuable man hours and physical resources, while risking inaccuracies and neglected data.
Mobile forms platforms (like GoFormz) can help avoid data inaccuracies while expediting data entry, using embedded features like conditional logic and automatic calculations (providing accurate, instantaneous data).

Additionally, by harnessing features native to mobile devices, Images, GPS Coordinates and Maps can be effortlessly added to forms. This data can then be instantly routed to your integrated accounts, saving you time, and avoiding data inaccuracies.