3 Mobile Forms for Energy

Equip your energy field technicians with a mobile forms solution that liberates data without hindering workflows. GoFormz mobile forms for energy empower technicians to complete their work anywhere — even remote areas with no signal. With the following mobile forms for energy, your team can realize significant time, materials and administrative savings with powerful automation, dynamic fields and instant access to submitted data.

mobile forms for energy

Inspection Checklists
Rapidly examine field equipment with easy to complete Inspection Checklists. Checklists provide a simple list of inspection requirements, guiding users through inspection requirements. Make specific checklist elements Required to ensure data crucial to inspections is entered before the form is submitted. 

Service Reports
With mobile Service Reports, technicians can complete and submit project progress updates from the field, and back-office personnel can respond and process submitted data in real-time. With GPS data, technicians can easily pinpoint service coordinates. With Drop Down fields and Data Sources, previously gathered data can be rapidly entered into Service Reports, expediting form completion and improving accuracy. 

Job Safety Forms
On-site safety is every team’s first priority, and mobile Job Safety forms makes compliance simple. By leveraging new data types, like Images, Maps and Sketches, on-site hazards can be rapidly documented and resolved. With Required Signature fields, team leaders and admins can ensure safety forms are approved by on-site supervisors before being submitted.