Mobile Forms for Painting & Sandblasting Contractors

Relying on paper forms for painting and sandblasting projects results in frequent human-error, missing documents and a plethora of additional, unprofessional side effects. Fortunately, painting and sandblasting contractors can escape the mundane, frustrating burden of paper forms, with digital painting and sandblasting forms. 

Digital forms for painting and sandblasting empower onsite teams to capture project data and complete forms on their phones, tablets and laptops. Mobile forms not only eliminate wasteful paper forms, but also introduce endless opportunities for digital optimization. For example, once completed, mobile forms and data are immediately available to the back-office for review, processing and distribution. The instantaneous nature of mobile forms allows for businesses to work in real-time — capitalizing on timely, promising opportunities that would otherwise be lost within manual workflows and documents. 

A perfect example of seizing opportunities in real-time with digital forms, can be found within securing commercial paint jobs. When a potential customer expresses interest in your service, don’t waste time rushing back to the office to calculate quotes or gather paperwork. Using mobile forms, you can generate estimates, proposals and more, instantly. Leveraging embedded business logic, your estimate totals are always accurate. 

We saw an instant change in the quality of the data coming in. The conditional logic helped our project managers make sure all the right questions were answered and all the data was filled in before submitting a form.
— Anthony Krake, Alpine Painting & Sandblasting
Painting and sandblasting mobile forms

Copies of completed customer-facing documents can even be automatically emailed to customers, providing professional, timely client communications from the very beginning of your business relationship. Automated mobile form routing encourages seamless communications with clients and coworkers, throughout the entirety of your projects. For example, the completion of a project progress report could trigger an Automated Workflow to route the document to a customer’s email, providing an immediate update on project progress. Additionally, the same report could be routed to project supervisors for approval, Signatures and more. Mobile forms can even host project Images, GPS coordinates and Sketches, providing visual context to customers while increasing jobsite transparency. 

This wasn’t just a solution that made our data more organized, it’s a huge marketing tool -  few companies in our industry have a digital form system like this. When we pitch our clients, it makes us look better and more professional than anyone else. We can give our clients access to our forms instantly and they can track their progress more.
— Anthony Krake, Alpine Painting & Sandblasting

Job site transparency via new data types (like Images, Sketches and Maps) can also help painting and sandblasting teams stay safe on the job. Images help to illustrate and identify onsite hazards (e.g. exposed wiring or code violations) and can be annotated to highlight key areas of interest. Similarly Maps and GPS data help to capture the precise location of recorded hazards. 

Finally, digital forms and real-time data help painting and sandblasting businesses make precise, timely decisions. Because data can be processed and analyzed in real-time, obstacles to efficiency can be identified and resolved as soon as they appear. With more thorough, accurate data, digital forms can elevate your operation’s trend analysis, resulting in a more complete understanding of workflow efficiency and areas for improvement. 

Here are a few mobile forms painting and sandblasting teams love:

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