Mobile Forms Give You Competitive Advantages

Many of our customers of various sizes and industries generate competitive advantages by implementing our mobile forms solution. For specific examples, check out our case studies page. Here's just a few examples of how using GoFormz creates competitive advantages:

1) Data collected with mobile forms is available in real-time for immediate processing and review. Processing data faster and more accurately means you can turn around orders quicker, complete jobs faster and invoice sooner.

2) Modernized systems impress customers and provide better service. Whether it's a copy of your mobile form that you immediately email to a customer, or a form that they can view online to track status of a project, modernized digital forms solutions provide better customer experiences.

3) Digital customer records mean better customer relationship management. Review your customer records and reports, and followup with customers in a more timely manner. Connect your GoFormz account with your other business systems like Salesforce and to streamline and improve your customer management programs.

Want to improve your competitive advantages? Start by considering these ideas for your GoFormz mobile forms account:

Automate Your Workflows - Especially The Most Basic Ones.

Automation is key to increasing efficiencies in the modern business world. One of the most valuable features you can leverage from a mobile forms solution is the ability to easily instrument workflows and triggers. For example, a mobile form can automatically email and forward copies of the form (for approval signature, record keeping, etc) when it is completed. Save time, automatically enforce critical business processes and avoid snafus.

Integrate GoFormz With Your Other Systems

Many of our customers connect their GoFormz accounts with their other business systems. Use our pre-built integrations or our robust API to seamlessly sync your forms and form data with your CRM, Cloud storage or other key systems and applications. Maintain efficient and effective business operations through integrated systems and consistent data.

Use Conditional Logic & Calculated Fields

Information you record with mobile forms is accurate and faster to capture. Embedding formulas in your forms allows the forms to do the math for you, reducing the potential for human error and miscalculations. With conditional logic, you can enforce business rules to be automatically followed whenever someone fills out a form, ensuring that no questions go unanswered. This results in more thorough and accurate information gathering and avoids submitting incomplete forms.

Streamlining workflow, ensuring all the information is available across your business systems and accurate and complete form data helps delivers competitive advantages.