Improve Response Times With Triggered Alerts and Notifications

When deadlines, schedules and budgets are involved, waiting for manual handoffs and completed reports can be frustrating and downright detrimental. Luckily, with GoFormz, there’s an easy solution: send a notification when an important event occurs.

You can setup automated notifications to appear on your team's mobile devices when certain actions occur such as a form transfer or when a form is completed. These notifications will keep your team and operations working in real-time. With a variety of customizable Triggers, alerts allow for breakneck response times and immediate action, in just about any scenario. With instant updates regarding field data, project approvals and more, these device notifications empower your team to make educated, agile decisions.

Employing these alerts allows your staff to avoid common obstructions to productivity--completing work & responding to customer inquiry, faster. Handing your employees the tools to instantly gather data crucial to project progress, encourages simplified collaboration, real-time decision making and a more in-depth understanding of company workflows.

212 ESP Services, a Texas spooling company, leveraged these triggered alerts to improve their billing process. After implementing alerts to notify staff members of completed customer documents, the Texas company observed a more streamlined, efficient workflow.

Tired of waiting for manual handoffs (we’d rather watch paint dry)? Stop waiting for time sensitive data. Follow the steps below to set up triggered notification alerts in your templates :

Triggered alerts helps your team be more efficient and responsive.
  1. Within the Templates Tab, select your desired template.
  2. Once the Template Editor launches, click Manage Events (at the top of the window, see above). 
  3. Either click “Add Trigger” , or select a pre-existing Trigger.
  4. In the “When this happens” section:
    1. Select User.
    2. Select Trigger.
  5. Under the “Do the following” dropdown, select “Notify”.
  6. Enter the “Title” and “Message” you would like to appear on the user’s address. GoFormz Variables can be used in both of these fields.
  7. Click save.