ProTip: Set Up Auto-Email Notifications to Expedite Processing

Effective, consistent communication is key to ensuring the completion of vital tasks. Often operations face detrimental delays due to a lack of communication between team members responsible for separate but related project elements. For example, if a supervisor was not informed a technician had completed a form that needs review, an operation risks the loss or delay of critical data processing. 

Fortunately, this lack of communication can be easily (and digitally) resolved via Auto-Email notifications. Auto-Email notifications are simple and customizable, empowering users to ensure key-players are notified when certain form criteria have been met. 

In the example above, an Auto-Email could be used to notify a supervisor that a document was awaiting their attention. Below we’ll review the steps necessary to enable such a notification workflow: 

  1. Login to your GoFormz account from a computer and navigate to the Templates Tab.
  2. Locate the Form Template you wish to set up Auto-Email notifications for and it will load in the Template Editor.
  3. Select the Manage Events option from the right hand corner of your Template Editor and the Manage Events window will load.
  4. From the top of the window, select Add Trigger (or select an existing event to Trigger the Auto-Email).
  5. In the ‘When this Happens’ section, setup your Event Trigger by selecting a User and a Trigger. Your User specifies which form User or Group can fire the automated event, while your Trigger is the action that will fire the automated event. In this example, our User is the Technician Group and our Trigger is ‘Completes form’.
  6. Under ‘Do the Following’ select ‘Email’.
  7. Add your email details, including: 
    1. Recipient information (what user or group should receive the email, CC & BC)
    2. Subject line (this can include a field name specified in brackets, for example, ‘[FORM NAME] has been completed by [USERNAME] - please review’)
    3. Email content notifying the recipient that a form is awaiting their attention (this can include a field name specified in brackets, for example, ‘[USERNAME] has completed [FORM NAME] which needs review.’)
    4. Check the box to include a PDF of your form as an attachment.
  8. Click 'Save'
Auto-email notifications

Now, when a member of the Technician Group completes a Jobsite Inspection form, an email alerting members of the Supervisor Group are alerted via email, with a PDF of the form attached. This workflow can be applied to a plethora of workplace scenarios, improving communication and seamlessly expediting task completion.

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