ProTip: Streamline Communication with Automatic Email Notifications

Enabling automatic email notifications for your form Templates is an easy, effective way to streamline communication and encourage a proactive workforce. These email notifications effortlessly update team members with completed forms and collected data.

For example, an automated email could instantly update a back-office manager that an inspection had been completed, and even display the location and other details of the inspection, along with a PDF copy of the completed form. This is accomplished via an Automated Workflow, Triggered by the completion of specific actions.

Automated email notifications streamline communication and the sharing of mobile forms data

This automation can be enabled at the account and Template level – in this post we’ll walk through how to enable automated email notifications at the Template level.

1. Login to your GoFormz account from a computer and load the form you wish to enable automatic email notifications for, in the Template Editor.

2. In the right hand corner, above your Template, select the Manage Events button.

3. Once the Manage Events Window loads, select Add Trigger.

4. In the When this happens section, select a User and a Trigger. For this example, the event will trigger whenever a User in the Technicians group completes a form.

5. Under Do the following select Email.
To determine who the email notification should be sent to, add one or more email addresses to the ‘To:’, ‘CC:’, and ‘BC:’ fields, separated by semi-colons. Because these fields support GoFormz Variables, you can also insert a field name in the ‘To:’ field (e.g. [Supervisor Email]) to route forms to different email addresses entered within the form. This is especially useful when working with partners or customers. For this example, we’ll enter [Supervisor Email] in the ‘To:’ field.

6. The subject line can also host GoFormz Variables, allowing users to dynamically change subject line text based on entered form data. For this example, we’ll use the following subject line:
[FORMNAME] has been completed

7. Similarly, the body text of your email can host GoFormz Variables. Here you will enter the boilerplate text of your email, along with any Variables you wish to include. For this example, we’ll use the following: [USERNAME] has completed [FORMNAME] for [INSPECTION LOCATION]. Please review and contact [USERNAME] wish any questions.

Enable automated workflows, like automated email notifications, in the manage events window

8. For this example we will select the checkbox Include a PDF as an attachment, instructing our workflow to attach a copy of our completed form.

For more information on Automated Workflows, check out our ‘Understanding the Manage Events Window blog post.