Streamline Real Estate Management With Mobile Forms

Better manage real estate properties with mobile forms and documents. 

Property management is no cake walk. Encompassing an amalgam of ever-changing responsibilities (from placing tenants to enforcing real estate board laws) real estate professionals work tirelessly to better serve their clients. 

One surefire way of elevating real estate management and client services, is converting traditional paper forms to digital forms and documents. Here’s why:

Instantly Procure Paperwork: Prospective tenants, sellers and brokers move quickly — make sure you’re prepared with the documents you need, as soon as you need them. With GoFormz, you have constant access to your entire collection of forms and data. Rapidly place tenants, provide closing forms, or document security deposits — no matter your location or device.

Close Deals Faster: Quickly secure closing deals and place tenants with instantly available documents and digital Signatures. Capture as many Signatures as you need within one document, and route copies of forms to tenants, co-signers, property management and more. With efficient fields and features (like fields pre-filled from property databases and Automatic Calculations) complete documentation and secure closing details faster.

Increase Visibility: Gain insight into your portfolio of properties. Keep a careful eye on your investments with regular reports, powerful contextual fields (like Images, GPS and Sketches) and real time data. 

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