Save Time, Stress & Money With Mobile Forms

Don’t think you’re ready to go digital? Although the initial transition may seem daunting, embracing a modernized, digital approach to your workflows and documents is more valuable (and simpler) than ever. (Not to mention, going digital can help you avoid various paper pitfalls, experienced by even our most organized customers.)

Digitizing your forms is a multifaceted efficiency strategy—saving you man-hours, stress and money. We’ve broken down how various savings points can help you better visualize your potential digital success. Read through each point, and then give our savings calculator a try (find out just how much you could save by going digital with GoFormz):

Save Man-Hours: Manually re-keying, entering and processing data is a tedious, time consuming practice. Countless GoFormz customers have salvaged valuable administrative hours with a more streamlined, automated approach to paperwork. When SiteMix (a Georgia-based concrete producer) adopted GoFormz into their billing and inventory process, they replaced hundreds of handwritten (often illegible or incorrect) tickets with professional, clear mobile forms. Eliminating the need to collect, review and correct handwritten tickets has resulted in more time and fewer inaccuracies.

“GoFormz takes so much work off of our administrators, and eliminating the paper forms saves us thousands of dollars. GoFormz easily saves me 50-75 hours per month that would otherwise be spent just on office personnel tasks.”- Dale Henderson, SiteMix, Operating Partner

Save Stress: Paper forms are riddled with inaccuracies, chicken-scratch handwriting (we’re all guilty of this at some point), and the occasional coffee spill. Save yourself the stress. Creating streamlined, smart, mobile versions of your legacy forms is an easy way to safeguard against unprofessional form damages and mistakes. GoFormz mobile forms offer a variety of features to help your team avoid human error. With features like Required Fields, Auto Calculations, and Pre-Populated information, form fields can deliver the right information, every time. When Danielle Canup, Vice President of Franchise Services at Duraclean, implemented GoFormz, she witnessed a complete turnaround in service rep data accuracy, “With the conditional logic we built into the forms, there is less room for human error.”

Save Money: Going mobile can (and will) save you money—thanks to faster processing, decreased man-hours, and improved data accuracy. Although various saving-points appear intangible, these savings directly impact your bottom line. Looking to run a more detailed analysis of your potential savings? Check out our savings calculator, which provides a more comprehensive understanding of how much you could save by switching to GoFormz forms for mobile.

Click here to try our savings calculator.