Small Business Week 2017: GoFormz for Every Business

To celebrate the beginning of Small Business Week 2017, we’re featuring a few of the fantastic ways GoFormz has benefitted businesses of all types and sizes. 

Booming Businesses: 

Team Murph improved communication and training with mobile f

Team Murph — Food & Beverage 
As their staff grew, Team Murph, a Domino’s pizza franchise, knew it was time to make an operational change. With the addition of various locations (rapidly expanding from from 43 to 70 locations), access to documents and improved communications was essential. After implementing GoFormz, Team Murph witnessed improved training results, reduced administrative time, and improved accountabilities. Read more

SiteMix improved efficiencies with mobile forms.

SiteMix — Construction Services
As SiteMix’s business grew, management struggled with overwhelming record keeping and incomplete data. Tired of wrestling with manual documentation, the construction business turned to digital, implementing GoFormz and leveraging the DropBox integration. With Cloud storage, SiteMix was no longer burdened by in-office document storage. GoFormz’ features, like automatic calculations and instant access to documents, allowed SiteMix form users to quickly input and access highly accurate data. SiteMix now saves 50-75 hours a month, and has significantly cut costs. Read more

Customer Service Centrics:

Duraclean optimized documentation and saved time and money

Duraclean — Field Services
Working within field services, Duraclean’s largely mobile workforce was burdened daily with an overwhelming amount of paperwork. Often reps would visit job sites with incorrect paper work, and would spend valuable time retrieving the forms they need to complete a job. After implementing GoFormz, Duraclean’s form accuracy and customer service took a “complete 180”. With the ability to dispatch forms to reps in the field, the field service business could ensure their workforce was equipped with the correct documents, for every job. Read more

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