Using "Database Fields" (Data Sources)

Using "Database Fields" (Data Sources)

Enforcing accuracy and efficiency is easier than you think. With Data Sources and Database Fields, rapidly reference specific data by filling a corresponding field. Explore how you can leverage this powerful field within your forms today. 

5 Signs You Need to Dump Paper

5 Signs You Need to Dump Paper

We're going to be blunt—it's time for you to dump paper forms. Breaking up is never fun...but dumping paper can be incredibly easy. Not sure you're ready? We’re sure you are— discover five signs you should dump paper forms. 

Best Practices for Converting Paper to Mobile Forms

One of the first questions people ask when beginning the process of replacing their paper forms with mobile forms is, 'what's the best way to create awesome mobile versions of my forms?' Below are some key questions to consider asking yourself, and our answers based on best practices that we have compiled over the years: 

  1. How important is preserving your existing layout?

    • Many businesses have been using the same paper forms for years if not decades. Their service team/technicians - the people filling the forms out - are use to the traditional look and feel. It’s a familiar dailey tool. Making them use a whole new layout may unessarily disrupt their daily tasks (causing a negative impact) and may lead to costly training on a new format. It may even break existing dependencies and workflows that are hard to identify.

  2. What new types of data do you want to capture?

    • Because Mobile forms are filled out on tablet devices like iPads, you can now easily include new data types like GPS, maps, date/time and camera images. These new types of data can provide a whole new level of information in your forms. Consider which ones you might want to augment your forms with.

  3. What are your considerations for Cloud Storage?

    • When you use mobile forms, you can leverage storing your forms and form data in the cloud. You can easily retrieve and run reports on them. You should consider naming conventions, tagging and other standard user permissions that best fit your needs.

  4. What workflows should you set up?

    • Mobile forms provides endless opportunities to automate workflows. For example, you can now instantly submit completed forms for review/processing (instead of having to manually turn in a form). You can also automate emailing copies of a form to your customer or managers. Mobile Form Platforms also allows you to sync your data with other systems like Salesforce and Box. Consider which workflows you can optimize with Mobile Forms.

  5. What calculations and conditional logic should you implement?

    • Now that you can automate calculations in mobile forms, you don’t have to do the math anymore. When setting up a mobile form, be sure to embed formulas for automating your totals, scores, and percentages. With conditional logic, based on what is entered in one field, the mobile form can populate multiple fields with appropriate corresponding values. (For example, enter a company name and the form populates address, phone, and email.) You can also enforce business rules by making fields conditionally required or even hidden based on values entered in specific fields.

Using GoFormz Means Better Data Across Your Business

Whether on an iOS or Android device, GoFormz mobile forms solution can be integrated with other business systems seamlessly. Many companies integrate GoFormz with their CRMs, ERPs and other key business systems. These integrations allow data to be available across all of an organization’s various systems and help to improve collaboration.

What does this mean?

Continually update your backend systems with new data from the field

Improve data organization and consistency

Remove manual processes and reduce errors

How do I Integrate GoFormz with Other Systems?

Our mobile form platform offers robust API and developer tools to make these integrations seamless, simple to implement and powerful to use. GoFormz also has pre-defined, ‘ready-to-use’ integrations with popular solutions such as Box, ServiceMax, QuickBase and Additionally, because Mobile Forms capture better information than paper forms (auto-calculations, GPS, Time & Date, Image and Sketch Fields) this means the data entering the system is higher quality to begin with. 

Learn how Inspecta integrated GoFormz with ServiceMax. 

Improve Teamwork and Collaboration with GoFormz

Automation is key to increasing efficiency in the modern business world. One of the most valuable features you can leverage from GoFormz is the ability to easily instrument workflows and triggers. This enables your employees and teams to be more efficient. For example, when a field tech completes a mobile form it automatically emails copies for approval, signature and record keeping to the rest of the team. You can also use mobile forms in more advanced workflows with your other business systems when actionable data is entered. This helps provide your employees with access to the most recent data collected.

By improving your workflow, your team will now be collaborating more efficiently, your employees will feel more empowered to make agile business decisions (because the information they need is at hand thanks to the speedy workflow) and your company will have more transparency throughout. 


GoFormz Workflow Benefits: 

Make efficient use of employee time

Prevent delays in crucial work activities

Enforce business processes automatically 

7 Ways That Mobile Forms Modernize Your Business

Whether you use GoFormz on an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone, mobile forms streamline your business.  Go beyond just transforming your paper forms into mobile forms by understanding these 7 key ways that mobile forms modernize your business:   

1. Save tons of time: In a recent customer survey, 91% of our customers reported that they save significant amounts of time by using GoFormz. Mobile forms record electronic data, which means you don't have to deal with paperwork, filing and lost forms. 

2. Better information: With auto-calculations and conditional logic, information you record with our mobile forms are accurate and faster to capture. 

3. New types of data: GPS, Camera Images and Mapping are all natively available on your smartphone or tablet. Now you can include these new types of data in your forms.

4. Be modern: Ditch the clipboards & paper forms and use smartphones and tablets. Bring your business into the digital era with mobile forms that can look exactly like your existing paper forms.

5. Work smarter: Why wait for someone to come into the office and hand in a form, when they can instantly submit a mobile form when it is completed?

6. Store it in the Cloud: Don't rely on storage cabinets and file folders - store your forms and data in the cloud for better, more organized record keeping and instant access to reports and form information.

7. Automate your business: Automatically receive notifications, transfer forms and send reports using the GoFormz Workflow tools.

 Interested in reading more? Check out our free eBook: Top 7 Mobile Form Features to Modernize Your Business.

Top 6 Reasons Why Mobile Forms for Construction Are Changing the Industry

GoFormz is used across many industries in over 170 countries around the world. When companies implement GoFormz mobile forms and reports they see big changes across their businesses - from the field to the back office.  

Here are the top 6 reasons why mobile forms are changing the industry.

1. Availability of new data types like GPS: Automatically record location in your mobile form -saving time and providing more accurate data.

2. Real time data updates: When you save your form, the data is available for review in real time.

3. Faster invoicing: Because data is available from the field in real time, invoice cycles are shorter, and customers pay sooner.

4. Streamlined back office workflow: Eliminating the paper trail reduces the pile up of paper forms in the back office and it makes it easier to find critical data in the future.

5. Easy access to data: Search any piece of data recorded in a form and also run reports. This helps companies make educated and agile business decisions.

6. Jobsite documentation and validation: Include images directly in your forms to document where, when, and what a jobsite looked like before and after work was completed. (You can also point out problem areas by sketching directly on the photos.) This helps many companies avoid conflict when it comes to billing.

Check out our Case Studies to learn more about how some of our customers use GoFormz to modernize their business.