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[Video] GoFormz For Your Mobile Workforce

[Video] GoFormz For Your Mobile Workforce

Equip your mobile workforce with the tools they need to succeed. Watch this video to discover how GoFormz smart mobile forms can transform your workflow, teamwork and communication (while improving your bottom line). 

Top 8 Apps for Mobile Workforce

Smartphones and tablets are becoming much more prevalent in the workplace than ever before.  In fact, Forrester recently projected that there will be 156 million tablets being used in businesses by the year 2018.  Companies across the globe are working to modernize their workplaces and to more effectively support their mobile workforce. 

With this trend towards widespread use of mobile devices in businesses, we were curious to find out what are the top apps used by the mobile workforce. Here are the top 8 apps according to the Top Charts in the App Store:

Reading from Left to Right-- LinkedIn: Professional Networking for lead prospecting, Skype: Communication and Collaboration, MileIQ: Commute Expense Tracking, DropBox: File Sharing and Collaboration, HotSchedules: Employee Scheduling, TurboScan: Document Scanner, ScannerPro: Document Scanner, Google Docs: File Sharing and Collaboration

It is interesting to note that two of these apps are point solutions for scanning receipts and documents.  Though not competitive with our mobile forms solution, this exhibits the daily need of business users to transform their paper-based workflows (documents, receipts, forms, etc) into the digital world!