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[Video] GoFormz For Your Mobile Workforce

[Video] GoFormz For Your Mobile Workforce

Equip your mobile workforce with the tools they need to succeed. Watch this video to discover how GoFormz smart mobile forms can transform your workflow, teamwork and communication (while improving your bottom line). 

Forms at the Front Line

Forms at the Front Line

Smart mobile forms equip your frontline workers to participate in the digital workplace — transforming business data in new and meaningful ways that directly benefit the bottom line. Explore how mobile forms can bolster your workforce. 

4 Ways GoFormz Improves Your AEC Workflow

4 Ways GoFormz Improves Your AEC Workflow

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry thrives on informative, streamlined workflows that drive cohesive, collaborative efforts. Luckily, so does GoFormz –– check out how GoFormz can streamline your AEC workflow. 

Capture Better Data On the Go with GoFormz

With our advanced features like Calculated Fields, GPS, Photos & Image Fields, Sketch Fields and Offline/Online Sync you can capture better data on the go from wherever you are using your Android or iOS device.

  • Calculated Fields allow you to define and embed formulas in a form. Calculated fields do the math for you and can reference other fields in your mobile form to supply the values for equations (ie the formula for a Total field can use the value entered in the Quantity field and multiply it by what’s entered in the Price field.) Reduce errors, save time and always produce accurate numbers.
  • GPS fields provide mobile form users a unique piece of data that a paper form cannot. With a simple tap on your mobile device, these fields capture your exact location, apply a timestamp with coordinates, and populate a small map image with a location pin. You now have the ability to easily and accurately record location information.
  • Photo and Image Fields provide visual information that a textbox simply cannot. Mobile forms give you the ability to include images directly on your form and use the built-in camera on your device to capture them. Visual information captures details that are often hard to describe.
  • Use Sketch and Draw fields to augment your images and highlight key points. Simply circling or pointing at a specific area on a photo helps to clarify details. Being clear and concise saves time.
  • The Offline/Online feature is one of our customers’ favorites, especially if they often travel to remote areas. With the offline feature, it will save all the data inputted and once your mobile device reaches a signal, the data is automatically saved and routed back to the office. This means no lost data and the ability to fill out your mobile forms anywhere.

Read how Duraclean captures better data with mobile forms in the field. 

ServiceMax has named GoFormz one of their top partners!

Last week the ServiceMax team listed their top partners who enhance the value of their field service marketing solutions…and GoFormz was one of them.


A big part of a field service professional’s daily process is still very much paper based (think job site inspection forms, change orders, safety checklists, etc.). Because of this, field service professionals love GoFormz - they no longer have to carry around paper forms with clipboards, they now have iPads and tablet devices with mobile forms that are an exact replica of their paper forms. The information they collect on mobile forms is automatically saved into our could-based platform and is seamlessly integrated into the ServiceMax solution.

The partnership between ServiceMax and GoFormz offers one of the most cutting edge software advantages for field operations: digital forms.

Check out the great shout out on ServiceMax’s blog here

Top 8 Apps for Mobile Workforce

Smartphones and tablets are becoming much more prevalent in the workplace than ever before.  In fact, Forrester recently projected that there will be 156 million tablets being used in businesses by the year 2018.  Companies across the globe are working to modernize their workplaces and to more effectively support their mobile workforce. 

With this trend towards widespread use of mobile devices in businesses, we were curious to find out what are the top apps used by the mobile workforce. Here are the top 8 apps according to the Top Charts in the App Store:

Reading from Left to Right-- LinkedIn: Professional Networking for lead prospecting, Skype: Communication and Collaboration, MileIQ: Commute Expense Tracking, DropBox: File Sharing and Collaboration, HotSchedules: Employee Scheduling, TurboScan: Document Scanner, ScannerPro: Document Scanner, Google Docs: File Sharing and Collaboration

It is interesting to note that two of these apps are point solutions for scanning receipts and documents.  Though not competitive with our mobile forms solution, this exhibits the daily need of business users to transform their paper-based workflows (documents, receipts, forms, etc) into the digital world!