Texas Spooling Company's Mobile Forms Accelerate Billing

Texas Spooling Company's Mobile Forms Accelerate Billing

212 ESP Services used GoFormz to seamlessly digitize existing billing forms. Learn how your business can optimize your legacy forms (or create completely new mobile forms) for digital success. 

ProTip: Add a Signature Box to Your Mobile Form in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you need a customer to sign a work order or an employee to sign a weekly timesheet, quick and easy signature capture in your mobile forms is important. Thankfully, adding them to mobile forms is easy. Follow the 3 steps below and start using signature fields in your forms.

Step 1: Login to GoFormz, and Select Your Template

First, login to your GoFormz account and open the form template that you want to add a signature box to.

Select the template you'd like to add a signature field to. 

In this example, we will be adding a signature field to a sample Job Proposal form.

2. Adding & Formatting the Signature Field

Next, from the Toolbox menu on the left side of the Template Editor, drag & drop a Signature field onto your form. 

Once the field is on your form, be sure to move it into its designated location. Within our sample Job Proposal form example, we want the signature to be captured in a specific location at the bottom (see example).

Drag the signature field onto your template, where you would like users to sign. 

Notice that the box is not sized correctly. To resize, just click and pull the edges of the field until it has the proper dimensions. Once resized, use the Properties menu on the right to appropriately name the field.  You can also set the field to be required (before the form can be completed.)

This is what our example signature looks like after we have properly named, described, colored, and made it a required field.

Adjust the field color, make signatures required and change the name under 'Field Properties'. 

*Super ProTip: make the Signature field box larger than the area in which you want the actual signature to appear. Remember that these signatures will be done on a mobile device so you want to make it easier for the signee.

3. Test Your Signature Field

Remember to save your template before creating a test form. The best testing will be on a mobile device since most signatures in the field are captured through them. In the GoFormz mobile app, open the template where you just added the signature field, create a form, and tap on the signature to test. This is what our test form looks like after signing.

Test your signature field on mobile for best results. 

Looking for more details on digital Signatures? Click below for three reasons to add a Signature box. 

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ProTip: Optimizing Signature Fields

The signature field is a critical part of many forms, and it adds a level of formality.  Here are some tips to consider when including a signature field on your form:

1.  Set a signature field as required. This enforces that a user must sign and approve the form before submitting it as complete. 

2.  You may want to use the Author Only setting.  When you use this setting, only the original author of the form can edit the field.  

3.  Check out our new feature - Clear On Form Edit. This feature will create a setting to automatically delete a previous signature if someone reopens a draft version of the form to make edits.  This is a good way to ensure that if additional edits are made to a draft, the user must re-approve and sign before marking it as complete.

4. Oversize your signature fields. Make sure that the signature field's dimensions are set so that it stands out and clearly looks like a signature box. 

Start using the signature fields in GoFormz, and sign away!