Work Order Form

Spotlight Form: The Work Order Form

A work order form is used to gather important customer information, project details, and associated costs for labor, services and materials required to complete a job. Utilizing the mobile version of a work order form will increase the speed at which these forms are completed and provide you other benefits.

Mobile Work Order Features:

  • QuickFill Lookups: Use these fields to include pick lists of recurring form values used by your team such as a list of clients or jobsite materials.
  • Signature Field: Capture electronic signatures onsite for instant approval or authorization.
  • Auto-email Workflow: Setup your work order form to instantly email copies to appropriate personnel like your front office and another copy to your client.
  • Text Fields: Instead of deciphering your teammates' hand writing, use text fields on your form for job descriptions and other details.
  • Automatic Calculations: Never rely on pen and paper calculations again. Use these fields to automatically calculate your totals and ensure accurate number every time.

Use a mobile work order form and start your next project with peace of mind.

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