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ProTip: Easily Dispatched Pre-Filled Forms

ProTip: Easily Dispatched Pre-Filled Forms

Automatically dispatch forms pre-filled with client, project or company data to streamline data entry, encourage collaboration and improve accuracy. Follow these simple steps to enable automatic form transfers within your workflow. 

[eBook] Top 7 Mobile Form Features to Modernize Your Business

For hundreds of years people have been filling out forms on paper. Using paper forms is an error-prone, time consuming and outdated process. With the proliferation of mobile devices like iPads in the workplace, mobile forms have become vital tools for modern businesses. Filling out forms on a tablet means increased efficiencies, reduced costs and access to the advantages of digital technology. This ebook discusses seven of the most important mobile form features and their benefits.

At GoFormz, we are pioneering the new breed of Mobile Forms that are simple to use and will modernize your business. With GoFormz you can start capturing data electronically, look more professional, and modernize how your team works. GoFormz is dedicated to helping every business in the world eliminate paper forms, work smarter, and modernize how your work gets done.


To create this eBook we identified the highest impact characteristics of mobile forms that contribute to the modernization of businesses and business processes.

Sneak Peek of what you will learn:

Feature 1: Photo & Image Fields

Photo and Image Fields provide visual information that a textbox simply cannot ... Mobile forms give you the ability to include images directly on your form and use the built-in camera on your device to capture them.

Feature 5: Automated Workflows

Automation is key to increased efficiency in the modern business world. One of the most valuable features you can leverage from a mobile form is the ability to easily instrument workflows or triggers. For example, a mobile form can automatically email and forward copies of the form (for approval signature, record keeping, etc) when it is completed.





Mobile Form Spotlight: Vehicle Inspection

A Vehicle Inspection form on an ipad or android device (or really, any smartphone or tablet device) empowers you to capture more information and in greater detail than on a paper form.  As a mobile form, the vehicle inspection form quickly captures visual information, highly accurate numeric and text details, and has built-in workflow and routing that streamlines your record keeping process.

  • Text and Number fields are used to capture specific details of the vehicle needed for record keeping such as a VIN number.
  • Sketch fields allow the inspector to visually reference points of interest by simply drawing over a 4-angle car diagram.
  • Image fields allow for photos to be added on the form for a visual record of any damage, wear and tear, etc.
  • Once the form is properly filled out, the inspector can type in a few quick notes, sign, date and complete the form. An automatic workflow can email a copy of this form to the appropriate party.

7 Ways That Mobile Forms Modernize Your Business

Whether you use GoFormz on an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone, mobile forms streamline your business.  Go beyond just transforming your paper forms into mobile forms by understanding these 7 key ways that mobile forms modernize your business:   

1. Save tons of time: In a recent customer survey, 91% of our customers reported that they save significant amounts of time by using GoFormz. Mobile forms record electronic data, which means you don't have to deal with paperwork, filing and lost forms. 

2. Better information: With auto-calculations and conditional logic, information you record with our mobile forms are accurate and faster to capture. 

3. New types of data: GPS, Camera Images and Mapping are all natively available on your smartphone or tablet. Now you can include these new types of data in your forms.

4. Be modern: Ditch the clipboards & paper forms and use smartphones and tablets. Bring your business into the digital era with mobile forms that can look exactly like your existing paper forms.

5. Work smarter: Why wait for someone to come into the office and hand in a form, when they can instantly submit a mobile form when it is completed?

6. Store it in the Cloud: Don't rely on storage cabinets and file folders - store your forms and data in the cloud for better, more organized record keeping and instant access to reports and form information.

7. Automate your business: Automatically receive notifications, transfer forms and send reports using the GoFormz Workflow tools.

 Interested in reading more? Check out our free eBook: Top 7 Mobile Form Features to Modernize Your Business.