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Admin Super Powers: Tag Forms With Any Piece of Data in Your Form

As a GoFormz Administrator or Power User, you may deal with dozens if not hundreds of completed mobile forms every day. With these daily volumes, you should be using Tags to help you organize forms - and more importantly, to very easily search and find forms or a group of forms. A Tag is essentially a keyword – like a customer name, job type, or department - that you associate with a form. You can either specify a basic Tag ahead of time (like “Parts Department”) or have a form 'self-tag' itself with a new value for the Tag whenever a new form is completed (like have the value of a Tag be whatever is in the Customer Name field in a form). It is super easy to add Tags to a form – you can read more about how to manually add Tags here.

Tags allow you to easily organize and search for forms. For example, you can have every Invoice form filled out by the Parts Department tagged with the Tags, “Invoice” and “Parts Department.” Then you can easily search on those Tag values to find them later.

Go Beyond and Have Forms Self-Tag Themselves

You can use our Auto-Tags feature that directs a form to ‘self-tag’ itself with any value entered into the form. For example, you can have a form tag itself with whatever specific customer name, technician name and form number is on an individual form.

Because of the self-tagging nature of Auto-Tags, using this feature means that you automate the sorting, filing and organization of all of your forms! (eg if all of your forms are Auto-Tagged with customer names, you can easily sort alphabetically by customer or technician name). Because the GoFormz system can automatically assign the tags and organize the forms for you, your GoFormz Administrators’ lives just got a lot easier - they can just use basic sorting or simple identifier searches to quickly find forms containing specific information.