Run Energy Integrates GoFormz with QuickBase for The Ultimate Field Data Tracking Solution


We recently caught up with one of our long time users, Ian Greig from Run Energy, to hear how things are going. We learned that by using Zapier, he was able to build a robust integration between GoFormz and their QuickBase enterprise system. This integrated system is a big time saver, and has dramatically streamlined the workflow for his teams at remote job sites.

Run Energy is a wind energy O&M service partner that provides operations, maintenance, installation, and technical services for wind turbines. They first started using GoFormz in 2014 to convert their paper forms to mobile versions. Ian is responsible for IT systems that supports over 200 technicians across as many as 30 different sites. Once going mobile with their forms, he immediately saw a 25% reduction in daily processing time, 30% reduction in late timesheets and far fewer data errors. Prior to GoFormz, technicians would fill out paper forms in the field, and then have to eFax them (often from hotels) to the office, where someone would then have to process the forms and manually enter data into QuickBase. This consumed a lot of time and administrative overhead, especially when it involved filling out 20 page checklists in the field, across 30 sites, by hundreds of technicians.

Run Energy Technicians are now able to just complete their forms on mobile devices, and when they click [save] the data is instantly synced to GoFormz and QuickBase. When they are in remote areas with no signal, the GoFormz offline feature ensures that the data is properly transferred as soon as a signal is available. The GoFormz and QuickBase integration significantly reduces the cost of processing overhead, and dramatically improves the timesheet process.  Technicians easily complete their timesheets on their smartphones everyday instead of at unpredictable times using paper forms.

After using GoFormz for a while, Ian figured out that he could instantly sync the GoFormz data into their QuickBase enterprise system by using Zapier, which connects the two systems seamlessly.

Run Energy has come a long way from collecting data through paper forms and manually entering data into their QuickBase system. Ian found a way to automate this process by leveraging 3 different technologies: GoFormz, Zapier, and QuickBase. Now Run Energy field personnel can collect site information and upload it seamlessly into QuickBase.

See Ian at the QuickBase User Conference, Empower2016, where he will be speaking about this successful integration during his session: Getting Data from Paper Forms into QuickBase.

If you want to give it a try, you can use this Zap: 

New eBook: 7 Reasons Why Smart Mobile Forms Are Better Than Fillable PDFs.

Forrester Research recently forecasted that by 2018, there will be 156 million tablets being used by businesses. Companies are working to effectively support their mobile workforce, driving a movement to replace the many paper forms they use with electronic versions.

Of the 50 billion PDFs that were opened in the past year, many were fillable PDFs that businesses used to capture form data. However, replacing paper forms with fillable PDFs is limited and error prone, and results in electronic documents that are simply static, isolated records of information. They lack ‘smarts.’

At GoFormz, we are pioneering the new breed of Smart Mobile Forms that are simple to use, yet are also intelligent, interactive and collaborative documents that can be filled out on any device. They are tightly coupled with data management, analytics tools and cloud-based storage.

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We created this eBook to educate the business reader on the differences between Smart Mobile Forms and Fillable PDFs.

To create this eBook we identified some of the biggest disparities between Smart Mobile Forms and Fillable PDFs, and their implications on businesses.

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Reason #1: Smart Mobile Forms are Dynamic and ‘Intelligent’

Fillable PDFs allow basic annotation of a form, while smart mobile forms can automate calculations, integrate data sources to pre-fill fields accurately, and enable dynamic features like conditional IF/THEN logic for specific fields.

Where fillable PDFs are nice annotation tools, smart mobile forms are data capture workhorses.

Reason #7: New Types of Data are Captured Through Your Mobile Device, such as GPS, Data & Time, Images, Etc.

Data entered into fillable PDFs is just static text entered from the keyboard – it is almost always alphanumeric. With smart mobile forms you can leverage the power of your device’s native resources like camera, GPS location, and clock date-time. This lets you include many new useful types of data in your forms, including images, GPS coordinates, date & time.

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GoFormz is Globally Localized for Everyone Around the World

Here at GoFormz, we have coined the term Globally Localized - meaning that our product and solution is localized for anyone across the Globe to use, regardless of what language is on their forms. This is possible because we are able to turn your paper forms into exact digital versions (including language) for your mobile device. For example, if you are a French company and your devices use French keyboards and your paper forms are in French, your GoFormz Mobile Forms will be in French.

Because GoFormz is a globally localized product, it is used in over 173 countries!  Whether it is a small Norwegian auto repair shop, or a global food service corporation with footprints in many countries, businesses of any size can use our mobile forms in whatever language they choose.  Being able to support the ‘native’ language of customers filling out forms on our system means they can experience the many benefits that our platform has to offer, beyond just the mobile form.

We have some very large multinational corporations (MNCs) that use our solution across their regional centers around the world.  Using GoFormz allows MNCs to capture better data and make faster business decisions on a global level.   For example, a company headquartered in Asia uses GoFormz in their manufacturing center in Colombia. It was super easy for them to turn their existing paper forms that were in Colombian Spanish into mobile form versions.  The team in Colombia didn't require any new training, and were able to deploy the new mobile solution without skipping a beat.  As soon as a form is completed, the data is instantly available to the headquarters on the other side of the Globe (removing the need to ship paper, or scan-and-send).  This MNC company can view the data in real time and truly make more agile business decisions.

To learn more about the opportunities GoFormz can unlock for your company, read here.

Mobile forms allow you to capture new types of data like GPS and photos

Switching from paper to mobile forms has many benefits, including the ability to capture new types of data within your form. With paper forms, you have to manually lookup and enter data like time, date and GPS.  And there is no easy way to accompany pictures with paper forms.

Because you fill out mobile forms on devices like iPads, you can include new types of data that are readily available from the device. You can automatically populate the time, date, and GPS into your forms, and easily add photos you take with your mobile device camera.

We have many customers that use GoFormz not only to turn their paper forms into mobile forms, but also to make their forms more complete and accurate with these new data types.  For example, a contractor performing an initial appraisal and estimate on a jobsite can automatically record the date, time and exact location when using his mobile form. He can also use the camera on his tablet to capture images of the specific areas where work needs to be done.  He can sketch over the images to highlight details and provide useful annotations.

These new data types available in mobile forms save time, reduce error, and provide the ability to capture richer information.

Capturing Real Time Data with GoFormz Mobile Forms

architects in hats, with iPad in office.jpg

The traditional method of using paper forms can often take days or weeks to process, collate, and analyze the data.  It is an inefficient workflow that is also quite vulnerable to human error and unpredictable lag times.

For example, if a field technician goes into the office twice a week to drop off his paper reports, the office then has to sort, file, and input the data in the appropriate data-systems based on his infrequent timeline. By the time the data is fully processed, it is likely going to be a week or two old. Hence, decision makers and supervisors will be making their decisions off of weeks-old field data.

When you use a mobile form to capture data in the field, all of the data is available as soon as the field operative presses save. The office can even set up alerts for when this information comes through, for instant notification. You can also set up workflows in the cloud-based platform to automate the flow of data, ensuring that it goes into the appropriate databases and backend systems.

Overall, when using a mobile form, your company as a whole becomes more efficient and agile. Operational teams are working with real time data so educated decisions are easy to come by, and field operatives are more efficient with their time and data collected. The company can make faster, more informed and more agile business decisions.