NEW: Save Forms to Google Drive (Beta)

NEW: Save Forms to Google Drive (Beta)

Team GoFormz is thrilled to announce our integration with Google Drive is in Beta. Interested in saving completed forms to Google Drive? Click here to learn more. 

Case Study: Run Energy's Data From The Field Flows from GoFormz into QuickBase

Run Energy setup an integration between GoFormz and QuickBase by using Zapier and SendToQuickBase. Their data collection in the field now directly flows into their QuickBase system as soon as a mobile form is completed. This integration delivers great results including 25% reduction in processing time for Daily Timesheets and 100% reduction in technician data processing time for Volume Reading Forms.

Challenge:  Entering information collected from the field into QuickBase was a very manual, time-consuming process with potential for lost data.

Solution:  Integrated GoFormz with QuickBase.

Results:  Field technicians are set up to succeed with the right tools. Measurable improvements in time savings and information quality. Data automatically flows from the field into QuickBase once a mobile form is completed. 

  • Daily Timesheets: 25% reduction in processing time
  • Expense Reports: Processing time reduced from up to a month to just a few days
  • Pump Volume Readings Forms: 100% reduction in technician data processing time
  • Third Party Forms: 2x improved speed of new hire processing

GoFormz API Integration with ACT! & Others

Recently we had a customer tweet and ask us a great question related to our integration capabilities:

The short answer is, ‘yes - we can easily integrate with ACT.’  This is made possible via our integration with Zapier.

The longer answer is that we have many out-of-the-box integrations with various applications and services including Salesforce, Box and Zapier. Our team is always adding more partners to what we refer to as our Integration Hub. You can also always use our API for custom integrations (see to get started) and have any number of integrations to almost any system.

For more information and specifics regarding our API or out-of-the-box integrations, please reach out to us at


Using GoFormz Means Better Data Across Your Business

Whether on an iOS or Android device, GoFormz mobile forms solution can be integrated with other business systems seamlessly. Many companies integrate GoFormz with their CRMs, ERPs and other key business systems. These integrations allow data to be available across all of an organization’s various systems and help to improve collaboration.

What does this mean?

Continually update your backend systems with new data from the field

Improve data organization and consistency

Remove manual processes and reduce errors

How do I Integrate GoFormz with Other Systems?

Our mobile form platform offers robust API and developer tools to make these integrations seamless, simple to implement and powerful to use. GoFormz also has pre-defined, ‘ready-to-use’ integrations with popular solutions such as Box, ServiceMax, QuickBase and Additionally, because Mobile Forms capture better information than paper forms (auto-calculations, GPS, Time & Date, Image and Sketch Fields) this means the data entering the system is higher quality to begin with. 

Learn how Inspecta integrated GoFormz with ServiceMax.