mobile forms for Energy companies

Case Study: Texas Spooling Company: 212 ESP Services


Industry: Energy

Customer Since: February 2015

Forms: Billing Forms, Vehicle Maintenance Forms, Inventories, Field Tickets, and Customer Audits


Challenge: Wanted to set up a digital solution to speed up customer billing and documentation because the current processes were too slow.

Solution: Used GoFormz to seamlessly transform current paper forms into ‘smart’ mobile forms that include automated workflows.


  • Reduced costs and administrative overhead
  • Established competitive advantages by modernizing their business processes
  • Dramatically saved time and streamlined processes

Why GoFormz:

“GoFormz was exactly what we were looking for. We were able to upload a PDF of our form and then build it out. It was cheaper, cleaner, and the customer service is second to none!”

The Full Story:

212 ESP Services is a spooling company located in Odessa, Texas. As their business started to grow, they quickly realized that their current billing processes were too slow. They sought an affordable digital solution that could speed up this process and modernize their daily workflows.

They found GoFormz and were able to quickly and easily build out mobile forms by simply using existing PDF versions of their paper forms. Switching their forms over to digital versions they could use on mobile devices also helped them eliminate paper waste and storage. Initially implementing GoFormz for their billing documents, they included fields on their mobile forms that easily captured signatures and used workflows to automatically retrieve completed forms from customers.

Phil Stagg of 212 ESP Services says, “We are a small company. However, even at our small size, GoFormz saves us hundreds of dollars each week. Our competitors often have to drive all over our service area (roughly 40,000 square miles) attempting to get a signature on a document. We get it done in a matter of seconds – usually from our smart phones!”

Since GoFormz has helped solve their billing issues, 212 ESP Services now uses the mobile forms solution in other aspects of their business. They use GoFormz for internal & administrative documents, vehicle maintenance forms, inventories, field tickets, and customer audits. Implementing GoFormz into their day-to-day workflows has not only given time back to Phil Stagg and his team, but has also saved them significant money and empowers them to offer highly competitive services.