Run Energy Integrates GoFormz with QuickBase for The Ultimate Field Data Tracking Solution


We recently caught up with one of our long time users, Ian Greig from Run Energy, to hear how things are going. We learned that by using Zapier, he was able to build a robust integration between GoFormz and their QuickBase enterprise system. This integrated system is a big time saver, and has dramatically streamlined the workflow for his teams at remote job sites.

Run Energy is a wind energy O&M service partner that provides operations, maintenance, installation, and technical services for wind turbines. They first started using GoFormz in 2014 to convert their paper forms to mobile versions. Ian is responsible for IT systems that supports over 200 technicians across as many as 30 different sites. Once going mobile with their forms, he immediately saw a 25% reduction in daily processing time, 30% reduction in late timesheets and far fewer data errors. Prior to GoFormz, technicians would fill out paper forms in the field, and then have to eFax them (often from hotels) to the office, where someone would then have to process the forms and manually enter data into QuickBase. This consumed a lot of time and administrative overhead, especially when it involved filling out 20 page checklists in the field, across 30 sites, by hundreds of technicians.

Run Energy Technicians are now able to just complete their forms on mobile devices, and when they click [save] the data is instantly synced to GoFormz and QuickBase. When they are in remote areas with no signal, the GoFormz offline feature ensures that the data is properly transferred as soon as a signal is available. The GoFormz and QuickBase integration significantly reduces the cost of processing overhead, and dramatically improves the timesheet process.  Technicians easily complete their timesheets on their smartphones everyday instead of at unpredictable times using paper forms.

After using GoFormz for a while, Ian figured out that he could instantly sync the GoFormz data into their QuickBase enterprise system by using Zapier, which connects the two systems seamlessly.

Run Energy has come a long way from collecting data through paper forms and manually entering data into their QuickBase system. Ian found a way to automate this process by leveraging 3 different technologies: GoFormz, Zapier, and QuickBase. Now Run Energy field personnel can collect site information and upload it seamlessly into QuickBase.

See Ian at the QuickBase User Conference, Empower2016, where he will be speaking about this successful integration during his session: Getting Data from Paper Forms into QuickBase.

If you want to give it a try, you can use this Zap: 

Run Energy Presenting at QuickBase Conference About Success With GoFormz

We are super excited that a GoFormz customer, Ian Greig at Run Energy, is a speaker at EMPOWER2016, the QuickBase user conference in May. In his session, Getting Data from Paper Forms into QuickBase, he will discuss how he automated syncing data from forms into QuickBase using GoFormz.

To do this, he leveraged Zapier, which is a GoFormz integration Partner.

If you are going to EMPOWER2016 be sure to check him out.


Session Name: Getting Data from Paper Forms into QuickBase

Description: If your business collects information on paper forms, you may think manual data entry is the only way to get that information into QuickBase. But Run Energy found a way to automate this process by leveraging multiple technologies, including GoFormz, SendtoQuickBase, and Zapier. Now, field personnel can collect information from paper forms — typically supplied by customers — and upload them into QuickBase quickly and easily. The result is a streamlined business process that leaves no data behind.

ServiceMax has named GoFormz one of their top partners!

Last week the ServiceMax team listed their top partners who enhance the value of their field service marketing solutions…and GoFormz was one of them.


A big part of a field service professional’s daily process is still very much paper based (think job site inspection forms, change orders, safety checklists, etc.). Because of this, field service professionals love GoFormz - they no longer have to carry around paper forms with clipboards, they now have iPads and tablet devices with mobile forms that are an exact replica of their paper forms. The information they collect on mobile forms is automatically saved into our could-based platform and is seamlessly integrated into the ServiceMax solution.

The partnership between ServiceMax and GoFormz offers one of the most cutting edge software advantages for field operations: digital forms.

Check out the great shout out on ServiceMax’s blog here

GoFormz is an ACE partner

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This week, at AirWatch Connect™, GoFormz was one of the 21 enterprise application leaders that announced they joined ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise), a community that is driving native application standards in the industry (supporting configuration and security of public applications through native mobile OS functionality).  Other partners in this program include SAP, Box, VMware, Salesforce and Cisco. 

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