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Case Study: Run Energy's Data From The Field Flows from GoFormz into QuickBase

Run Energy setup an integration between GoFormz and QuickBase by using Zapier and SendToQuickBase. Their data collection in the field now directly flows into their QuickBase system as soon as a mobile form is completed. This integration delivers great results including 25% reduction in processing time for Daily Timesheets and 100% reduction in technician data processing time for Volume Reading Forms.

Challenge:  Entering information collected from the field into QuickBase was a very manual, time-consuming process with potential for lost data.

Solution:  Integrated GoFormz with QuickBase.

Results:  Field technicians are set up to succeed with the right tools. Measurable improvements in time savings and information quality. Data automatically flows from the field into QuickBase once a mobile form is completed. 

  • Daily Timesheets: 25% reduction in processing time
  • Expense Reports: Processing time reduced from up to a month to just a few days
  • Pump Volume Readings Forms: 100% reduction in technician data processing time
  • Third Party Forms: 2x improved speed of new hire processing

Save Time With GoFormz

In a recent customer survey, 91% of our customers reported that they save significant amounts of time by using GoFormz. Using mobile forms reduces your administrative burden, vastly removing the amount of time that you spend dealing with paperwork, filing and lost forms.

When switching to the GoFormz solution you will have:

  • Faster processing time and submissions: With the automatic syncing of the data collected from the field, your back office will now receive the data immediately upon the form completion. Allowing your whole workflow process from field to office to customer to be significantly more efficient.
  • More accurate data with calculated fields: With formulas built into your forms, you no longer have to take the time to do the math on your own or carry a calculator around. Get more accurate data and save time in the field.
  • Easier time processing data: The data collected in the field is easier to process into your company's back end systems being it is already digital. This means you can accelerate your billing and payment processes instead of having to find and review paper forms.
  • Data storage in a centralized system: You can store your data collected in the field within GoFormz’ secured cloud database or select from many of our partners. Location of the offices no longer matter since the data is held in one database allowing access across your company rather than the location of the filing cabinet.