ProTip: Create & Schedule Custom Reports

ProTip: Create & Schedule Custom Reports

GoFormz empowers your team to collect vast amounts of data from their mobile devices. Although data collection is important, what you do with that data is just as meaningful. Read this ProTip to discover how GoFormz reports can help improve your data analysis and application. 

ProTip: Set up weekly automatic reports.

ProTip: Set up weekly automatic reports.

Provide management with regular data reports, and gain further visibility into your operation. Craft your report schedule to best cater to your data needs, so you are always prepared with current, compelling data. Explore this "set it and forget it" reporting option. 

5 Signs You Need to Dump Paper

5 Signs You Need to Dump Paper

We're going to be blunt—it's time for you to dump paper forms. Breaking up is never fun...but dumping paper can be incredibly easy. Not sure you're ready? We’re sure you are— discover five signs you should dump paper forms. 

Case Study: Strategic Sanitation Services Inc.


Industry: Community Sanitation Services

Customer Since: Spring 2015

Forms: Field Service Reports

Challenge:  Wanted to modernize their field services with technology, and receive current updates from the service team.

Solution:  Mobile field service forms and reports using GoFormz


  • Access to real time data from the field

  • Decreased payroll processing time by 50%

  • Were able to move employees to piecework compensation

  • Dramatically increased customer satisfaction

Why GoFormz: "GoFormz was the best solution to fit our needs. Our employees were already equipped with technical devices such as tablets and smartphones for digital reporting since we take service pictures to add to the reports. When we heard that GoFormz had the functionality to add photos to the mobile forms we were sold." 

About Strategic Sanitation Services Inc.

Strategic Sanitation Services Inc. provides condominium and apartment communities with comprehensive, on-site waste control and recycling services. 

They have grown an average of 60% year-after-year and service over 100 residential communities in Southern California for some of the biggest property management companies in the region and nation. Since S3 is growing so rapidly they urgently needed to implement a more efficient way of providing field information internally and externally.

The Full Story:

Steven Reyes, Vice President of Strategic Sanitation Services Inc. (S3), was on a search for a mobile forms solution. All of the S3 employees had been equipped with the hardware devices needed for digital reporting systems for some time, they just needed the system. They decided to hire a consultant to develop a custom solution, this did not result in the expected outcome.  So Steven went on the hunt for a mobile forms solution that could be implement internally. He was referred to GoFormz by a colleague of his. Once he researched GoFormz and its features, he was sold.

He was able to easily turn his paper-based field service reports into mobile versions that his staff could effortlessly fill out on their devices.

“We found it relatively easy to implement and set up. We basically replicated the paper forms the field personnel are already accustomed to so they had no trouble switching,” says Steven.

10 months later, Steven and the S3 team are seeing some real benefits from using GoFormz, including improvements in data collection, payroll processing, compensation management and customer satisfaction.

4 Distinct Benefits from using GoFormz:

1. Increase Accuracy and Real Time Data from the Field: Prior to using GoFormz, the field service personnel would come into the office once a week just to submit their forms for payroll processing. This was the only time the office would receive an update on what was going on in the field short of being forced to resort to a phone call, resulting in serious delays of when field data would enter the system. Steven states,

“now with the field personnel using GoFormz, the moment they hit complete we have the data immediately. This has increased our accuracy not only with decisions in the office but also with the GPS of our field servicemen. Knowing exactly when and where they were at the time the form was completed is helpful for accountability and scheduling.”

2. Time to Process Payroll: 

“Our service department has a unique compensation system which is based on performance, and performance is calculated from submitted reports. Processing payroll was highly time consuming, but once we implemented GoFormz we were able to cut payroll processing time by 50%.”

3. Eliminates Overtime: Only two-thirds of the field service personnel were on a piecework compensation system before we implemented GoFormz. However, after implementing GoFormz everyone was able to be put on the proprietary compensation system. Steven states,

“this was a win-win for both the company and the employees. The employees increased their service efficiency which then increased what they earned per-hour, and the company benefits from eliminating overtime.”

4. Customer Satisfaction: When their customers contacted them to find out about a scheduled service, they are now able to respond to them instantly and let them know exactly when their service is completed and what was done for them. They can also send them their corresponding report if they want details.

"Before implementing GoFormz, we would have had to wait hours and sometimes days to respond because we were waiting on the paper reports to be submitted. GoFormz has had a direct impact with our customer satisfaction.”
“We offer a relatively low tech field service, but our business philosophy includes implementing as many current technology solutions as we can implement to improve our efficiencies in high-touch Customer Service, and GoFormz is right in line with that philosophy. We have 3 core values in the company-- Respectful, Reliable and Responsible service-- GoFormz plays a Strategic role in providing highly reliable service that our customers appreciate greatly!”

Capturing Real Time Data with GoFormz Mobile Forms

architects in hats, with iPad in office.jpg

The traditional method of using paper forms can often take days or weeks to process, collate, and analyze the data.  It is an inefficient workflow that is also quite vulnerable to human error and unpredictable lag times.

For example, if a field technician goes into the office twice a week to drop off his paper reports, the office then has to sort, file, and input the data in the appropriate data-systems based on his infrequent timeline. By the time the data is fully processed, it is likely going to be a week or two old. Hence, decision makers and supervisors will be making their decisions off of weeks-old field data.

When you use a mobile form to capture data in the field, all of the data is available as soon as the field operative presses save. The office can even set up alerts for when this information comes through, for instant notification. You can also set up workflows in the cloud-based platform to automate the flow of data, ensuring that it goes into the appropriate databases and backend systems.

Overall, when using a mobile form, your company as a whole becomes more efficient and agile. Operational teams are working with real time data so educated decisions are easy to come by, and field operatives are more efficient with their time and data collected. The company can make faster, more informed and more agile business decisions.


Run Energy Goes Mobile

Headquartered in Abilene, Texas, Run Energy is a leading wind energy O&M service partner that provides operations, maintenance, installation, and technical services for wind turbines.

Anders Pederson, Run Energy’s VP of Operations always thought that the task of tracking maintenance performed on thousands of wine turbines was daunting – until he found GoFormz. Running through the GoFormz solution, data that was once trapped in paper copies is now instantly accessible to Run Energy’s management team worldwide.


“All of this data is no longer in binders that people have to manually search and scan,” remarks Pedersen. “Instead, it pulls directly into our own database and is immediately accessible and searchable...”

To learn more about how Run Energy utilizes the GoFormz platform, go here.