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GoFormz for Agriculture: Efficiently Harvest Farm Data

GoFormz for Agriculture: Efficiently Harvest Farm Data

Simplify your Agricultural workflows with GoFormz mobile forms. Digital forms streamline processes by instantly syncing field data to management locations, providing real-time updates and more. Check out how mobile forms can improve your farm data. 

Time Saving GoFormz Features

Time Saving GoFormz Features

Efficiency is the name of the game and GoFormz arms your team with a complete toolbox of efficiency features. From streamlined workflows to data accuracy, your business will work faster and run smoother with modernized, digital documentation. Check out our favorite time saving GoFormz features to get you started.

Save Time, Stress & Money With Mobile Forms

Save Time, Stress & Money With Mobile Forms

Don’t think you’re ready to go digital? Although the initial transition may seem daunting, embracing a modernized, digital approach to your workflows and documents is more valuable (and simpler) than ever. We’ve broken down how each savings point to help you better visualize your potential digital success.

Case Study: Duraclean Modernized Operations and Increased Customer Satisfaction

Duraclean, a full service restoration company, was struggling with the amount of paper forms that one field tech had to carry at all times. Hearing about GoFormz through one of their vendors, Furniture Medic, they were quick to sign up and move towards a paperless system. 

Reduce the Administrative Burden with Mobile Forms

Reduce the Administrative Burden with Mobile Forms

It is now easier than ever to make the switch to a paperless system for both the administrative office and the folks in the field. Many people assume that a paperless system primarily serves just the needs of the field technicians, however, what they may not realize is that the administrative team can benefit greatly as well.

Spotlight Feature: Dynamic Field Properties

With the recent release of our new feature: Dynamic Field Properties, you can now setup your mobile forms so that if certain values are entered into a field, it can dynamically change a field's visibility, background color, or make it requiredChanging the background color of a field when specific data is entered is a great way to draw attention to fields. Dynamically making a field required ensures that important fields are filled out and workflow is enforced. Similarly, dynamically making a field not visible prevents unneeded fields from being distracting.

Example: Imagine an inspection form where you need to record which parts were replaced.  

When you mark a checkbox indicating you replaced a part, you can dynamically display a field for the part number and replacement date, indicating that those fields must be completed. 

Once you have filled in the part number and date, the backgrounds of the fields turn yellow to indicate that the fields have been filled out and the form can now be completed.

Currently this feature is available in the Advanced Edition

Save Time With GoFormz

In a recent customer survey, 91% of our customers reported that they save significant amounts of time by using GoFormz. Using mobile forms reduces your administrative burden, vastly removing the amount of time that you spend dealing with paperwork, filing and lost forms.

When switching to the GoFormz solution you will have:

  • Faster processing time and submissions: With the automatic syncing of the data collected from the field, your back office will now receive the data immediately upon the form completion. Allowing your whole workflow process from field to office to customer to be significantly more efficient.
  • More accurate data with calculated fields: With formulas built into your forms, you no longer have to take the time to do the math on your own or carry a calculator around. Get more accurate data and save time in the field.
  • Easier time processing data: The data collected in the field is easier to process into your company's back end systems being it is already digital. This means you can accelerate your billing and payment processes instead of having to find and review paper forms.
  • Data storage in a centralized system: You can store your data collected in the field within GoFormz’ secured cloud database or select from many of our partners. Location of the offices no longer matter since the data is held in one database allowing access across your company rather than the location of the filing cabinet.

7 Ways That Mobile Forms Modernize Your Business

Whether you use GoFormz on an iPad, Android tablet or smartphone, mobile forms streamline your business.  Go beyond just transforming your paper forms into mobile forms by understanding these 7 key ways that mobile forms modernize your business:   

1. Save tons of time: In a recent customer survey, 91% of our customers reported that they save significant amounts of time by using GoFormz. Mobile forms record electronic data, which means you don't have to deal with paperwork, filing and lost forms. 

2. Better information: With auto-calculations and conditional logic, information you record with our mobile forms are accurate and faster to capture. 

3. New types of data: GPS, Camera Images and Mapping are all natively available on your smartphone or tablet. Now you can include these new types of data in your forms.

4. Be modern: Ditch the clipboards & paper forms and use smartphones and tablets. Bring your business into the digital era with mobile forms that can look exactly like your existing paper forms.

5. Work smarter: Why wait for someone to come into the office and hand in a form, when they can instantly submit a mobile form when it is completed?

6. Store it in the Cloud: Don't rely on storage cabinets and file folders - store your forms and data in the cloud for better, more organized record keeping and instant access to reports and form information.

7. Automate your business: Automatically receive notifications, transfer forms and send reports using the GoFormz Workflow tools.

 Interested in reading more? Check out our free eBook: Top 7 Mobile Form Features to Modernize Your Business.

Infographic: ROI of GoFormz

In a recent customer survey, 91% of our customers reported that they save significant amounts of time by using GoFormz. Here’s an infographic that captures some of the key ROI results from our customer survey, reflecting how GoFormz delivers productivity improvements and measurable cost savings (as a result of switching to our mobile forms platform).

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