The GoFormz Dictionary

The GoFormz Dictionary

GoFormz is packed full of awesome features and elements that help you work smarter. We've compiled a glossary of basic keywords to help you navigate the world of GoFormz, and jump-start your Digital Transformation. Check it out. 

[Video] GoFormz For Your Mobile Workforce

[Video] GoFormz For Your Mobile Workforce

Equip your mobile workforce with the tools they need to succeed. Watch this video to discover how GoFormz smart mobile forms can transform your workflow, teamwork and communication (while improving your bottom line). 

Finding Multi-Department Harmony with GoFormz

Finding Multi-Department Harmony with GoFormz

Managing multiple departments can feel like herding cats — battling a cacophony of contradictory goals, paperwork discrepancies and cumbersome workflows. With GoFormz, simplify your workflows and communicatory procedures using powerful fields, real-time data and overarching reporting. 

ProTip: Easily Dispatched Pre-Filled Forms

ProTip: Easily Dispatched Pre-Filled Forms

Automatically dispatch forms pre-filled with client, project or company data to streamline data entry, encourage collaboration and improve accuracy. Follow these simple steps to enable automatic form transfers within your workflow. 

ProTip: Automatically Transfer Forms to Teammates

It is not uncommon for a form to require two or more individuals to fill out specific portions of the form. With GoFormz, you can setup your mobile forms to automatically be transferred to other users. This automated workflow saves time and enforces that the correct team workflows are followed. 

Setting Up Automatic Transfers

Setting up an automatic form transfer workflow is easy. First, login to your GoFormz account and open the form Template that you want to apply the workflow to.  The first step is to add a Trigger to the Template. (This workflow Trigger will be applied to all individual forms created from this Template.)

 In this example, we use a Request for Time-Off Form.

GoFormz Template Editor

Above you can see the Request for Time-Off Form Template. This form is primarily filled out by one person, the employee, but it also includes an Office Processing section that must be completed by a supervisor who either approves or denies the request. Because of this, we want to apply an automatic form transfer workflow to transfer the form from employee to supervisor. Click on the Manage Events button on the top right of your screen.

Manage Events Button

The Manage Template Events window will pop up. Now, in this window click on Add Trigger. It defaults to the Automatic email Trigger, which  you will change (keep reading!).

Manage Template Events Window

In the When this happens section you specify the action that triggers the workflow, and who can perform that action. In this example we want the workflow triggered when anyone completes a form.

When This Happens Section

In the Do the following section you decide what workflow takes place. You will want to click on the dropdown menu and select Transfer.

Do The Following Section

Your Manage Template Events window should now look like this:

Manage Template Events Window 2

Notice the new field labeled Transfer to: appears in the Do the following section. Here you select who the form is transferred to after the employee completes their portion. 

**Note, you can only transfer forms to other users within your account**

In our example, we want our requests for time-off sent to the office for processing. So we select the user named Main Office in the drop down menu.

Transfer To Dropdown

Lastly, you click Save Changes in your Manage Template Events window. Then click Save Changes in the top right corner of your template editor to save all changes to your form Template. Your Trigger has officially been setup!

Save Changes Button

Learn how to apply the Automatic Email workflow to send an email back to the original user once the form is entirely complete.

Spotlight Feature: Dynamic Field Properties

With the recent release of our new feature: Dynamic Field Properties, you can now setup your mobile forms so that if certain values are entered into a field, it can dynamically change a field's visibility, background color, or make it requiredChanging the background color of a field when specific data is entered is a great way to draw attention to fields. Dynamically making a field required ensures that important fields are filled out and workflow is enforced. Similarly, dynamically making a field not visible prevents unneeded fields from being distracting.

Example: Imagine an inspection form where you need to record which parts were replaced.  

When you mark a checkbox indicating you replaced a part, you can dynamically display a field for the part number and replacement date, indicating that those fields must be completed. 

Once you have filled in the part number and date, the backgrounds of the fields turn yellow to indicate that the fields have been filled out and the form can now be completed.

Currently this feature is available in the Advanced Edition

The Invoice Form on Your Mobile Device

Having an Invoice form on your iPad or other tablet device improves your ‘paperwork’ organization and allows you to capture information on the go. Most importantly, it allows you to submit invoices faster than with paper forms regardless if you are in the office, at a jobsite or in transit, AND it automates the invoice processing workflows. 

Invoice forms tie together the original work order filled out for a job, customer information, and a description of the work completed. GoFormz allows you to include automated calculations and customized workflows that notify you or the appropriate department when an invoice has been paid. Triggers can also be set to alert you if an issue with payment has occurred or failed. These can save you time and money and speed up collections. Rather than tracking payments for completed projects you can focus on starting new ones.

      Workflow logic & triggers can be setup to automatically email an invoice to customer when it's time to bill them for work completed.

      GPS fields allow you to add a map or coordinates of the jobsite as an added level of detail.

      Tables centralize important pieces of information related to what the customer is being billed for and how much for each line item.

      Number fields can be setup to automatically calculate totals to ensure proper billing and avoid any mathematical errors.

      Text fields capture specific details about the customer and the job in general.

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Improve Teamwork and Collaboration with GoFormz

Automation is key to increasing efficiency in the modern business world. One of the most valuable features you can leverage from GoFormz is the ability to easily instrument workflows and triggers. This enables your employees and teams to be more efficient. For example, when a field tech completes a mobile form it automatically emails copies for approval, signature and record keeping to the rest of the team. You can also use mobile forms in more advanced workflows with your other business systems when actionable data is entered. This helps provide your employees with access to the most recent data collected.

By improving your workflow, your team will now be collaborating more efficiently, your employees will feel more empowered to make agile business decisions (because the information they need is at hand thanks to the speedy workflow) and your company will have more transparency throughout. 


GoFormz Workflow Benefits: 

Make efficient use of employee time

Prevent delays in crucial work activities

Enforce business processes automatically